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27. 16 ways to say no if a boy asks for your number.

These are good if you are at a social, dance, or just around.

(These methods have either been used by me, my friends or are just common sense.)

- If any boys are reading this (which I doubt), I have a younger brother and various older and younger male cousins which I am forced to interact with - I KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT.

1. Turn away

2. Stand in a big *scary* penguin huddle of girls and giggle - the boys are like *awks* and move away trying to seem macho like: *I wasn't really going to ask her*.

3. Knee them where the sun don't shine - crude, but effective.

4. Be like, "Soz, I don't have a cell phone".

5. Say NO (one of my friends does this - except she adds "Why would I tell YOU it?" and looks them up and down - LOL)

6. Stare at them blankly.

7. Give them a RANDOM number - I personally give them my deaf Nana's number it is so funny to watch!

8. Say "Sorry, I'm taken." Even though you clearly arn't - they don't know that.

9. Punch them and call them a foul loathsome evil little cockroach (from Annabeth Shadownight☕️).

10. Tell them your parents are strict and won't let you text/call boys unless they personally know them really well (from R.D.M. Goldlight).

11. Say "Stranger danger!" and run away screaming - especially random if you know them really well (From Fluttershy Starlight ❤️)

12. Stare at them then look behind them and pretend to wave the go over to a friend.

13. Smile and say "I have connections with the police sonny." 

14. I'm sorry, I'm allergic when it comes to giving out my number to losers. -littlemissfandoms

15. Oh sure, I just need to check with my boyfriend, tell him all about you, that is once he gets out jail. I think he will love you! -littlemissfandoms

16. Sure, I just need to check with my GIRLFRIEND. -littlemissfandoms

If you lot give me anymore, we can always make this list out of, say, 20 or 30.


- BTW if you have any questions, this is SomeRandom - the others might not be able to answer.

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