When light sparks

When Alice keeps having reoccurring dreams about a certain stranger. When the dreams become more and more frequent the stranger starts to appear in real life... But who could it be?


1. And so it begins

                                                                   *Alice's point of view*

There's wind blowing all around me. It's dark but a spark of light shines through the cracks of tree branches. Alice. I hear my name being carried around with the wind. Alice.  I hear it yet again. I turn my head all around. I look down and see my self in a white, long, flowing dress. It's beautiful. I feel like an earthy princess, awakening to whole other world. I start to sprint, wanting to find the mysterious whisperer. I feel as though when I find the whisperer it'll be my answer to everything. That my life will be clearer and easier. That my worries will slip away. I stop sprinting and again intake the view. I brush my hand over the bark of a tree... It feels so surreal. Alice. I hear my name behind me. I start to turn around...

I gasp and shoot up into a sitting position. I breath heavily. "Damn." I say under my breath. That's the third dream this week. They're starting to occur even more. I think to myself. I blink and try to wipe the sleep out of my eyes. I turn and look at the burning red digits of my alarm clock. 5:56, it reads. "Double Damn." I say. Exactly four minutes before my alarm is to awaken me from my slumber. No use in laying in bed. I think, and groggily pull myself out of the warmth of my bed. At least it's Friday. I try to encourage my self.


I run out my front door to a beat up, green Volkswagon Beetle. I slip in and slam the door. "Hey there, Olive Oil." I say towards my best friend as she slicks on a deep mauve lip stick. "Ello there, Alice in Wonderland." "Loving the lips today" I say, taking a sip of the steaming hot tea that was patiently waiting for me in the cup holder as always. "You know I'm always changing it up." Olive is always quite fashionista and trying out new things. She throws the lip stick container into her purse then pulls out of the driving way to my house. "Always starting trends" She smirks. I start to turn up the radio to some annoying up beat pop tune when Olive stops me. "You had the dream again, didn't you." She says, keeping her eyes on the road. "I...I...How do you always know?" I question her... She pauses. "I'm a witch." "Yeah right. And I'm a vampire." I say back. "You better watch what you say missy... You don't even know what you're talking about." "Forgive me, oh magical one." I flip my hand back and forth towards her. "Well, the witching hour is about to begin." She pulls into the parking lot of dreaded place known as High School. "Spare me, will you? If you're so 'magical' could you make high school not suck so much?" I say, as we slowly make our way to the entrance. "Not exactly in the spell book. If there was, haven't you think I would have given it a tried. Of course, theoretically speaking." "If only..." We sigh and step into the stench of sweat and desperation. "Ah, High School" We both say with sarcastic enthusiasm. "Hey maybe you'll find that 'mysterious whisperer' today..." "It's possible..." I sigh as we storm off to another day.


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