Dear Charlie

Charlotte (Charlie) Faye has always been the single lady; has been ever since high school and now in her twenties she's expected to fulfill a wife/mother role and quit her beloved job at the TEXAN TRIBUNE and stop pursuing her dream of being a real writer. When her family tries to set her up on several different dates, she finds her self thrown into the dating pool head first. Suddenly a new stranger comes to town and sweeps Charlie off her feet, but is something else holding her back from allowing herself to give this man a chance?


5. The Plain

Weekends, I love 'em don't you? Every Saturday I work at the ranch that my great-grandfather owned way back when gas lamps were the next big thing. If you ever wanted to go back in time this was the place to be. No TV,  no cell service, and an old fashioned gas stove. I think the only update was the running water and the electricity to power the fridge and lamps. I loved this place, my sibling never really cared for it because it was a forty minute drive from town, but it was my safe heaven. My mom sold the place to a nice farmer and his wife when I was sixteen. I can still remember trying to sabotage the sale, then I met the owner's son, Jeff, and we've been best friends ever since. When Jeff turned twenty-one, his parents passed the place down to him and his partner (Dave) , but they let me come and spend the day every Saturday, and if I ever needed to use the place, the key was always up for grabs. Pretty sweet deal, also they take care of the horses my Grandad had gotten for me and my brother when we were thirteen.

Button is mine, a spotted stallion, she's older now, but can still push on if need be. I ride her and Larry's horse, Camel, almost every weekend. I ride out to the plains behind the house and like to sit in the grass just looking out at the clouds. When I was younger I told my self I'd buy back the house and raise my family here. I was such a dreamer, but I used to wonder if I'd ever come back here, and after James, I found my answer.  I wish I had brought him here, this place was my home, and I would have wanted to share it with him. Sometimes Jeff's daughter, Chloe, will come out with me. She's five and adorable, her blonde hair is always in a ponytail or plait, courtesy of Dave, and we'll come out together and sit. I've bonded with her more than my other nieces and nephews. Dave bought Chloe a pony when she was born and we take, Butter, out sometimes. Jeff still doesn't want her to ride but agree to let her sit on him.

Seeing them with Chloe makes me happy, they're a family. I know the good Lord has someone out there for me so one day I'll have my own family, but in my mind James was that one. I haven't given up love, I've just but it away in a box for now. And one day that box will open again, and I'll bring him here, whoever he is.

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