Dear Charlie

Charlotte (Charlie) Faye has always been the single lady; has been ever since high school and now in her twenties she's expected to fulfill a wife/mother role and quit her beloved job at the TEXAN TRIBUNE and stop pursuing her dream of being a real writer. When her family tries to set her up on several different dates, she finds her self thrown into the dating pool head first. Suddenly a new stranger comes to town and sweeps Charlie off her feet, but is something else holding her back from allowing herself to give this man a chance?


6. The Meet Cute

Monday morning my routine followed as normal, what I mean by that is my work week began as well as my routine schedule. I'm not saying I'm a control freak or that I have OCD but I have a certain way of doing things and I like it that way. Don't you?

Six A.M I wake up and get out of bed, then go and make my morning tea. Never been a coffee drinker, a little too strong for my taste. Toast my bagel and make my omelet then I read whatever just so happens to be lying around. Seven comes around and I feed Jax, then get dressed for work, and fix my hair, and apply makeup. I'm out the door of my little house, by seven thirty and walking to work. Arriving at eight on the dot, I sit at my station browse through junk email, then at eight fifteen, when the boss comes in I begin answering the advice column. It's not a fabulous job, but I'm only working for the experience right now. I' actually in the middle of applying for a job in Boston as an active journalist. Today's letter's consist of car parts, what to do about planning a first date, and how to get out of going to visit the in-laws. (That one comes up a lot from both women and men) Take this one for instance,

"Dear Andy,

My wife says we don't see her mother as much as we used to, but I really don't like going because all that ever happens, is her mother telling her what to do and then picks on me. I love my wife, but how can I get out of going?


Son-in-law of a Monster"

"Dear Son-in-law of a Monster,

Dude, I know the feeling my in-laws can be a pain, but your wife is always gonna want to visit her momma. I'd day make a compromise that way you don't get the short end of the stick and you don't have an angry wife. Tell her we'll go this time but then we get to do something for us next time. That way you come out as the romantic and not the jerk.



Believe it or not people buy into this stuff, and even if its not the best, it seems to work cause no hate comes back. Anyways that's the usual morning, the best part is when my friend Ezra comes by to tell his life story. Now the best part is that I listen and he brings lunch. Today just so happens to be roast beef sandwich and fries, along with a tall cherry-coke soda.

"Hello, hello!" Ezra says happily.

"Hey, what's going on? Where's Tony?"

"Ugh, he's visiting his sister across town the witch had her baby and his stupid mother is afraid it'll catch me gay." he says with a scoff.

"Oh these parents, when are they going to learn its not a disease." I humor him.

"When they find out cigarettes will kill 'em." I catch him smirking. It just so happens that Tony's family smokes like its their religion.

"So soon then." I laugh as I take a bite of my sandwich.

Ezra gossips about the ladies on the second floor and how Betty and Anna have singled out Cathy Barnes as the one who called Betty Jones'  dinner party lame and cheap. The nerve of her! Everyone knows Betty Jones' parties are lame, but never cheap, the plastic plates are decorated to look like fine china. LOL. Though its not long before Ezra begins to ask about the arse I met last week.

"So how was the big date?" He asks very seriously.

"That hell fire was put out long ago my friend, where have you been?"

"What? Ugh! I'm always the last to know! Did Tony know?" he said outraged.

"I think so?"

"SO unfair! He never spills t he juicy stuff. Oh c'mon Charlie tell me!"

"There's not much to tell, he was a total jackass and I'm never gonna see him again." I said simply.

Before I could blink, it was five thirty and I was off the clock. I said goodbye to Ezra who was gossiping on the phone, probably to Felicia Karney of the third floor, the journalist department. I was walking my usual route home when my cell rang and saw it was my friend Scarlette calling me.


"Hey Charlotte! Are you off of work yet?" she asked me, the excitement in her voice was record breaking.

"Yeah, I'm walking home now why?"

"Come join us for dinner at Calebs, like now!"

"I don't feel like chicken today," I teased.

"Then order a salad! This is important, we are in the booth in the back! Dress nice!"she said. Without waiting for a yes she hung up and left me staring at my phone for awhile until I headed to my house to change my outfit and grab my car keys. I hurried because I shuddered at the thought of eating that wretched rabbit food, people call salad.

Caleb's was a little restaurant that served New Orleans style food and had live Jazz every Tuesday. At six on the dot  I was seated across from Kevin and sitting next to my best friend.

"I'm so glad your here!" Scarlette sang out as I took a seat.

"I didn't have much of a choice," I said smugly.

She gave me a look then passed me a menu.

"So what's the big news?" I asked.

"Nope, you have to wait till after dinner." Scarlette grinned.

"And you couldn't just call me?"

"Honestly Charlotte, you take out all the fun, now do you know what your ordering?"

I sighed and took a glance at the menu again. I was torn between gumbo and hush puppies, or Cajun shrimp and grits when I noticed the seat next to me was suddenly occupied. Startled I jumped and knocked my drink over into the stranger's lap.

"Oh shoot! I'm so sorry!" I said to him.

"It's fine it was just ice I think, no harm done." the man said to me. a smile in his voice.

He was dressed in well tailored suit and looked totally out of place in a little place like this. He had auburn colored hair and beautiful blue eyes. For a minute there it was only the two of us, then I quickly snapped back to reality. (What was that?)

"Oh Charlotte, this is Arthur, Arthur Carrol, he's new to town." Scarlette said after the mess had been cleaned up.

I shook Arthur's hand as he offered it to me.

"Hi, and its Charlie." I said to him.

"Charlie, I like it, I'm Arthur but friends call me Art."

"Art is a good friend of Kevin's," Scarlette continued, "and works in the animation department of my building." Scarlette worked in the movie business and was a composer for a lot of the major pictures.

I turned to her and excused myself to the bathroom, and she hurriedly came to follow.Once in the safe confinements of the bathroom I turned to her fuming.

"Please tell me this is not a set up!"

"It wasn't planned that way!"

"Oh no? Please enlighten me before I leave." I said my ears burning.

"Okay, Arthur and Kevin met when he went to apply at a job in Jackson, Arthur was working on being a director when Kevin walked into his office on accident. They hit it off and have been really great friends for the past five years. Arthur always keeps in touch and then he moved here a few months ago. I didn't think about you two until I saw the look on your face. The reason we called you both here is because we wanted to know if you guys would be godparents."

I wasn't fuming anymore but a single thought could not be processed so stupidly I asked, "Your pregnant?"

Scarlette smiled and nodded. I gave her a massive hug and apologized for my outburst. I quickly explained my current arrangement with my siblings; when I finished she was shaking her head furiously and said, "Seriously? You don't need a guy, your family needs to stop worrying about you and focus on themselves." I nodded.

After quickly recovering we headed back to the boys and enjoyed a lovely meal. After dessert Kevin and Scarlette announced their news and after lots of hugs and congratulations Art and I agreed to be the godparents of the baby. After paying for our meal and saying goodbye Art offered to walk me to my car. We didn't talk much and I merely shook his hand before getting in and driving home. He was a handsome fella, but much too quite, and besides I wasn't looking for anyone. I arrived home and checked on Jax and went straight to bed. There was an interesting piece of conversation brought up tonight. Jokingly Kevin was explaining a meet cute, which is a moment in a film where the two main characters meet in a particular scene. Now that I think about it as I lay here in my bed, I think I did enjoy my meet cute with Art. The rest of the week flew by rather quickly and before I knew it the dreadful day was here. Friday.




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