Dear Charlie

Charlotte (Charlie) Faye has always been the single lady; has been ever since high school and now in her twenties she's expected to fulfill a wife/mother role and quit her beloved job at the TEXAN TRIBUNE and stop pursuing her dream of being a real writer. When her family tries to set her up on several different dates, she finds her self thrown into the dating pool head first. Suddenly a new stranger comes to town and sweeps Charlie off her feet, but is something else holding her back from allowing herself to give this man a chance?


7. Mr. Joseph Singh

Before I knew it Friday had come like the chilling winds of autumn. Quickly. It was barely October and already  the temperature was dropping. After work I made my was home and was preparing for my first dinner date, with my brother Sebastian's old college roommate Joseph Singh. He was a business man from Pittsburgh, a devote family man, and was very fond of the woods and out door things. At seven thirty on the dot I arrived at La Garfu, a small but very classy restaurant on the outskirts of Appleby. Waiting in the lobby was a very lanky and thin man, who I took to be Joseph. He had brown eyes and blonde hair that stuck up in front so one could see his eyes. He caught my eye and walked towards me extending his hand.

"Hello, you must be Charlotte, " he said warmly.

"Yes, it's nice to meet you Joseph." I replied shaking his hand.

"Oh, please call me Joe, Joseph is much too grown up." he said laughing.

I smiled as a plump waitress came to take us to our table in the middle of the restaurant. Joe pulled out my chair and ordered two ice waters and a bottle of red wine. Only taking a glance at the menu, we were ready to order by the time our drinks had arrived.  After a few minutes of silence and sipping water, Joe poured the wine and began to speak.

"So tell me, why is a lovely girl such as yourself, doing out her on a set up? No suitors?"

The question took me by surprise but I shook it off as I answered, "No potential ones it seems."

"Well then, I guess I better make a good impression." he joked.

After our appetizers arrived I began to feel more at ease with Joe and began to enjoy myself. Joe began to tell me more about himself, throughout the main course. He had grown up in Pittsburgh in a rather small family only one sister and his parents had been through a rather bumpy divorce when he was about fifteen. Every so often he would fly home to check on his father and was currently in the middle of opening several new computer companies throughout the east coast. He loved the out doors, but had no patience for fishing, he was more of an avid hiker and loved animals.

We laughed an talked far into the evening and by the time dessert rolled came, I'd gotten to know him a little more. However, when it came to questions about my life I was rather hesitant and Joe could tell I was rather uncomfortable. It wasn't that I hadn't wanted to tell him about my life but I was just uncomfortable. He reminded me so much of James in his mannerisms and the way his eyes squinted when he laughed. It was just too unbearable.

After dinner we split the check and went our separate ways. I felt a knot in my stomach, but Joe had agreed just to be friends, which I was grateful for. Joe was sweet and kind and funny, but he was also too much like James. I worried if all the date would be like this, but shortly I learned I was mistaken, and for that I was grateful.

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