Wake Up in Miami

Korie has been under the worst stress lately and she just wants a break. So her dad drives her and a few friends down to Miami for the summer for a vacation and a decent tan before school starts again. But her friends have something planned behind her back and it seems like everyone knows about it except her. With stories of Nerf wars and ghost hunts, will Korie hark back to Alabama with the break she'd been expecting?


13. Why? It really isn't all that big. I promise.

AN** Yo Yo Yo! I have to apologize. I haven't been here in a while. School started and I meant to but I started to actually understand my work so I worked harder and harder and it paid off! I have straight A's while taking 3 advanced classes. I definitely will not be writing on the story during January because I have to fill out applications for IB and start looking at colleges and schtuff. But after I'm done with the month of January and finished with applications and February hits, I will be paying attention to this. I PROMISE! But right now, it's Christmas Break and I'm in a onesie and about to fix some hot cocoa so I figured why not?! YEAH!  

"Okay, so I got hit by a car? So? I'm here and I'm fine. Y'all over-react way too much." I shrugged it off.

"Oh whatever!" Rina shouted. She gets a little crazy over this. "You got hit by a car that was going 180 miles per hour! On Highway 98! YOU COULD'VE DIED!" Rina screamed. My eyes get wide. "I'm sorry" I whispered.

Hayes got up from his seat and sat next to me. He rubbed my back and I looked at him. He really does have better eyes than Nash.

I hugged him and cried into his shoulder. "It's okay. It was in the past. You're okay." He whispered in my ear. "I'm sorry, y'all. She just doesn't like making everything about herself. Her life went to crap and she still wants to downplay it." Kylie explains.

"Why are you apologizing? That just means she's selfless. That isn't bad." Taylor states and takes another bite of one of his tacos. "She doesn't understand that she can let it be about her sometimes." Rina comes over to me and kisses me on the forehead.

I get up from Hayes' shoulder and say something. "If you say shalom, I swear on all that is holy, I will chuck your Vans out of the window. This is NOT Ender's Game." I laughed and so did the girls. "Wait, what?" Nash asked. "Inside joke." I say still chuckling. "Wait, so what happened afterwards?" Shawn asked with curious eyes. "I don't mean to muddle but I'm just wondering why you guys get all emotional over it." He finished and Calla told him. "She was in the hospital, with internal bleeding and ruptured organs, going in a coma and we didn't know if she was gonna wake up or not. We were in that emergency room for 36 hours waiting for her to wake up when she finally did and you have no idea how relieved we were."

"I started crying because I was relieved. Which makes no sense now, but it did at the time." I laughed and finished off my third taco. "Wait, so like If I Stay?" Jack J asked and we all laughed. I answered his question with a smile "Yeah, save for a car accident and seeing myself in the coma. You could say that."

"Sweet! I love that movie!" Jack G exclaimed. Rina rolled her eyes and laughed. "Why do we laugh so intermittently? And why are we still talking about sad stuff?" Calla questioned and took another sip of her freeze. "Well, I'm not sure but I have an idea." I wiggled my eyebrows towards the girls and they got the hint. We scarfed down our food, which was no problem for any of us and ran to our room. The guys stayed put and finished eating while we got our Nerf guns. We walked out in slow motion, like in those movies, and cocked our guns. "Locked and loaded." I smirked and shot at Hayes. He shouted. "AYAYAYAYAY!" and ran to their room to get his gun. The others followed suit. When they came out we picked teams.

"I want Hayes, Nash, Taylor, Shawn, and Kylie." I say as a team captain. Gilinsky is the other captain. "Okay, I've got Cam, Matt, Calla, JJ, and Rina." He smirked. "Okay, I don't know how you guys play it, but we play until there is one. You kill off the other team and then you kill off whoever you can find, team member or not, and if you are left standing, you win." I explained and handed out walkie-talkies. Two for Gilinsky's team, two for mine. "This is brutal. I love it!" Matt excites. "Okay, team two; G's, will get 60 seconds to hide first and then he'll signal over the walkie for team one; mine, to go. Good?" I asked and then told team two to hide. I gave out the game plan as it popped in my head. "Me, Taylor, and Kylie will have one walkie and split up from Nash, Hayes, and Shawn to distract the other team. We each kill off specific targets and then we take out each other." I nodded towards Nash and Shawn and Hayes. "Nash, Shawn, it's been a pleasure knowing you. I hope you tell your kids about me. Hayes, your eyes really are brighter than Nash's and I appreciated the hug and the crying on the shoulder. You're a great person. Take care." I got out my final words as Jack came over the walkie-talkie. "Your turn, Bassett, and may the best man win. Over."

"Roger that." I spoke into the walkie and with that, we headed down the stairs.

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