Wake Up in Miami

Korie has been under the worst stress lately and she just wants a break. So her dad drives her and a few friends down to Miami for the summer for a vacation and a decent tan before school starts again. But her friends have something planned behind her back and it seems like everyone knows about it except her. With stories of Nerf wars and ghost hunts, will Korie hark back to Alabama with the break she'd been expecting?


9. Srsly? Really guys?

"Why hello there." Hayes said with a wink.

If you're wondering about how I know any of this I will kindly explain it to you. Katerina and Calla and Kylie are obsessed about all of these guys. Which means daily gossip. Which means names. And I didn't feel like being confused the entire time, wondering who was who, so I asked them to show me who was who. And I mean I don't hate them. I like them, it's just I don't like them as much as the other girls. Anyways, because I kinda sorta like them, I decided to take a tiny, little, teensy weeny, liking to one of them. That just happened to be Hayes. So that's how I know their names. But right now, I wasn't feeling crushy at all. 

"Hi. Is there any reason you're standing at my room door?" I said, sarcasm oozing from my lips. 

​"We just heard the music and the screaming and the thumping. We wanted to make sure you girls weren't getting raped or anything." Cameron went on.

"Yeah well as you can see, no raping has occurred or is occurring at the moment, so if you would please-" I got cut off from closing the door.

"Korianna Acacia Bassett! You know better! You were raised with manners!" Katerina yelled. I gave her a look with a little bit of disappointment. 

"Come on in guys. Let's sort this out. Since Korie's being a bit of a grumpy-ummpus." Calla said and dragged Matt and Hayes in by their wrists. 

"Sort what out?! There's nothing to sort! They've explained. We've listened. It's done. We're good." I said in short sentences (for more emphasis.)

Kylie ran to me from her spot of the room to mine. She whispered, "Korie, just let us talk to them." I told her "What happened to our summer, and our summer only?" She shrugged and gave the pleading eyes. God, I hate when she does that. Honestly. I turned off the oven, turned the music down just a bit, and walked over to the bed that me and Rina shared. That also just so happened to be invaded by the pests named Cameron, Nash, and Hayes. FML. I hopped on the bed and mainly just listened to the conversation, stopping to say some sass or sarcasm. 

"So why are you girls here at the wonder that is Miami?" Shawn asked. 

"I don't think that's any of your business. So why are you here?" I asked, although I knew the answer.

"We are here cause of this thing called MagCon. Its where-" Nash got cut off. 

"We know what it is." I said

"Okay. What are your names?" Matt asked. 

"I'm Calla and that's Kylie, Katerina, and Korie" she said pointing to each of us. She sounded genuinely sweet. Not the fake kind. Hmm. Maybe I should cut down on the sarcasm.

"Those are gorgeous names!" Cameron said. "This is Shawn, Matt, Hayes, and Nash. And I'm Cameron or Cam for short." 

"That's cool. We call Katerina, Rina most of the time. Just so y'all don't get confused." Kylie spoke up. 

"Where are you guys from?" Nash quizzed. "We're from the small towns of Elberta, Alabama." Rina said, guiding her hands to point at her and the other girls. "And I'm from Orange Beach, Alabama but I go to the same school they do." I finished for her. 

"May I ask why you go to that school and not the one in your town?" Nash questioned. "Yeah, sure. We've know each other since diapers and I used to live in Elberta but we moved and I didn't want to leave my friends, so my dad agreed to take me to school everyday." I said with little sarcasm. 

"Oh, that seems reasonable." Nash nodded. Hayes hasn't said a word this entire time. That's pretty freaky. I pulled Rina to the side. "Have you noticed Hayes hasn't talked at all?" I asked her. "Yeah babe, and he's also been staring at you." She said. "Oh no. This is not gonna be one of those sick cliché things. Nope." I said. "Okay, Whatever." She laughed and rolled her eyes. We both walked into the room with the beds. 

"So you guys are the only other people on the floor with us?" Hayes finally asked. "Yep" I said. "Cool, cool" He nodded. "Well, I'm gonna take a shower." I piped up. "Yeah, it was nice talking to you guys, how long will you be here?" Rina said. "Um, we normally stay for the weekend but we were wanting to stay a bit longer so I think for a couple weeks." Cameron said. "Yeah, but you guys should come over to our room, directly across the hall, when you're done. We've been wanting to have some people to talk to, that's not each other." Matt explained. The girls all looked at me. "Alright fine." I shrugged. The girls cheered and got in the showers. "Are you---really y'all?! I already called one!!! Seriously?!" I yelled. When I was done complaining, someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and Hayes was there. Apparently he hadn't left with the other guys. My hand was open and he shoved a piece of paper in it. 

"See ya!" He said and walked out so nonchalantly. And girl, he had a nice butt. What? I can look. I shut the door and turned on the TV and watched until one of the showers opened. 

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