Wake Up in Miami

Korie has been under the worst stress lately and she just wants a break. So her dad drives her and a few friends down to Miami for the summer for a vacation and a decent tan before school starts again. But her friends have something planned behind her back and it seems like everyone knows about it except her. With stories of Nerf wars and ghost hunts, will Korie hark back to Alabama with the break she'd been expecting?


6. Road Trip!

​We wake up the next morning to Jennie's music. 

I pound on the wall adjacent to her bedroom. "Thanks!" I yell

"No problem, hoe!" She yelled jokingly. 

​We get up and stretch and we look at each other and squeal. In 8 hours we will be in Miami! Calla goes to the bathroom to pee and the rest of us start getting ready.

We all put a bathing suit under a loose tank we all had that matched. We put on some Coachella style jean shorts and some Vans with white or black Nike ankle socks. We did our makeup as little as we could while still looking gorgeous. We put our last touches to our suitcases and grabbed our sunglasses and phones and new headphones and walked downstairs with our suitcases and put them by the door. 

We walked into the kitchen and found Jennie cooking bacon and eggs. And some extras. "Sleep well?" she asked, flipping a pancake in the air. She may be a awesome photographer but she also has a family quality: great cooking. "I did!" I screeched while grabbing the pancake out of the air and bit into it. "Ahh hot! Ouch. Ouch." I screamed fanning my mouth and blowing in and out. "Who didn't?" Rina asked through laughter. "This is the greatest thing ever!" She exclaimed. "It really is" Calla agreed. And we fixed our plates and had some small talk about little things.

We all got into the car after packing our things in the back. We have a pretty big car. Thank God or we would have a couple big problems in this road trip. Me and Rina shared the first connected seat in the car and Calla and Kylie got the back. Me and Rina turned around and we all held a conversation about school and what we were gonna do when we got there. Dad climbed in the driver's seat and barged in our conversation. "First thing you girls are gonna do is put your stuff in your room. We wanna get everything settled before everything goes crazy." 

"Wait, what?" I ask sincerely

"Yeah, we have a whole floor to ourselves, save for a another group. They're supposed to be big. I have no clue though so I wanna make sure we don't get kicked out of our room or anything." Dad replied. 

"What's the name of the group?" Calla, Kylie, and Rina all asked. 

"I have no clue, I'll ask the front desk when we get there." He said. I shrugged and my phone buzzed.

You have been added to a group message with: Babeeeee, Callllifornia, and Kylie's the coolest chick.


Kylie's the coolest chick: No way. Can't be.

You: I swear to God if it is, I'm gonna pee on their faces.

Callllifornia: Zayummmmm. No need for that!

You: Haha. Not seriously. Though I will be mad though. 

​Babeeeee: Yeah, but remember. This is your summer. Our summer. No one else's.

Kylie's the coolest chick: Yeah, bae. Don't worry about it. Its probably nothing.

You: Yeah, but you guys are capable of a lot of crap. Lolololol.

Babeeeee: We're not doing anything!! I promise!!

Kylie's the coolest chick: Me too!

Callllifornia: Me three!!

You: Okay. I believe you guys. For now (;


We put our phones up and hold different conversations with Jen and Dad. Till our rest stop. Oh lord. The rest stop.


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