Wake Up in Miami

Korie has been under the worst stress lately and she just wants a break. So her dad drives her and a few friends down to Miami for the summer for a vacation and a decent tan before school starts again. But her friends have something planned behind her back and it seems like everyone knows about it except her. With stories of Nerf wars and ghost hunts, will Korie hark back to Alabama with the break she'd been expecting?


10. Oh My Gilinsky.

**This is a little segment from one of the boys point of view. That should happen every once in a while, although I'll try to keep it as Korie most of the time** 


We all walked back into the room. Taylor and the Jacks were goofing off and Aaron was in the kitchenette thing. Hayes walked in a little after us. "Where have you been, homeboy?" I asked. "Uh, exactly where you guys just were." He said. "Yeah, but you walked in later than us." I smirked. "Yeah, so. I walked slower." He gave an excuse. "Who did you give your number to?" I asked. "The Korie one.." He said. "You do realize she came here for a break, not to hookup with a guy she doesn't even know." I told him. "How do you know that?" He asked. "Her friend Rina. I asked her why was she so mad and sarcastic and she told me" I explained to him. 

"Not to mention, I heard her and Rina talking when they were over to the side." Cameron piped in. "And what did they say?" Hayes sat down and asked Cam. "Something along the lines that Rina caught you staring at Korie and Korie said something like 'I don't want any cliché thing with one of these guys.' " He finished. "Wait, they caught me staring?" Hayes asked. Me and Cam smacked him in the back of his head. "That's all you paid attention to?" I asked. "Doesn't matter, the point is, you're gonna get rejected bae." Cam told Hayes. "I don't care. I'll try to get her attention. This will happen." Hayes fought. I shrugged and rolled my eyes. I walked over to one of the beds and laid down. "That Kylie one was pretty cute, though." Shawn said out of the blue. "Yeah, and Rina was hot! Like smoking!" Cameron laughed. "Now, I wouldn't mind being friends with her. She seems really cool" Shawn replied. "All I'm saying is that Calla was gorgeous and I would not mind being her boyfriend." Matt said. I cracked up. "What?" They all asked. "Nothing you guys." I said still laughing. "Well which one did you like?" Matt asked me. "I 'liked' all of them. They do seem really cool. But I don't really wanna go out with them. I wouldn't mind being best friends with Korie, that's about it." I said. "You're deep bro, real deep." Taylor said suddenly. 



When a shower finally opened up, I hopped it and hopped out. I put on some sweatpants with shorts under it. I've been "pants" too many times for me not to wear shorts under sweatpants. And a tank top. I have pretty average boobs -- 36C -- so cleavage will probably be showing a little but do I care? Nope. I grab my phone and the piece of paper Hayes handed me. Like I suspected, it was his number. I put it in my phone because it would've bugged me if I didn't. I texted it. 

"Hey, its korie" it read.

I switched the screen off and watched TV until the other girls were ready. "How long does it take to get dressed in PJs?!" I screamed. "Longer than you!" Rina screamed back. I threw my wet hair in a messy bun. Kylie walked out in basically the same thing as me except a bit jazzier. "Nice." I nodded. "I try." She said popping her neck. Rina and Calla walked out in sweatpants and a hoodie thing. "We good?" I said while I put my phone and the room key in one of the pockets. I didn't mention these were the kind football and basketball and volleyball players wear after a game. With the team name on the butt and the school logo halfway down your thigh and pockets. Thank God for pockets. I grab the matching jacket because, it was quite cold, and put it on and put my hands in those pockets. While the other girls were walking out to the other room, my phone buzzed. I pulled it out and walked across the hall and into the room. Rina closed the door behind me and I read the message. 

​"Hey! I didn't think you'd text or anything" it read

"Yeah, might as well, it would've bugged me if i didn't" I typed back and put the phone in my pocket. "Ooh. Look who's sporting her sport!" Nash called. I glanced down and shrugged. "So?" I said. "What do you play?" Cam asked. "Volleyball. Since 8th grade." I told them. "Dedicated. I like that. I play basketball myself." The one who was really tan and had a bandana on. "And you are?" I asked. "Taylor. Taylor Caniff. and that is Jack and Jack and Aaron and Carter is downstairs and Jacob is over with Mahogany in the next room." He held out his hand. I shook it. I turned to the rest

"You see? This is the proper way to greet someone. Introduce yourself. Say a fun fact, something." I told them. "I think I'm gonna like you." I stated. "Ditto." He said back.

"What do you guys play, if any?" I asked in a better mood than I first was. 

"Lacrosse" Nash said

"Lacrosse and football." Hayes said

"Basketball" Taylor and Shawn said. 

"Football" Matt told me. 

"Hmm. Thats really cool." I said and nodded. "Yeah" they said. "You guys are boring now!" I said. "Are not!" Hayes said. "Okay then, talk!" I yelled. "About what?" He asked. "Oh my God, um, what was your number?" I asked "Seven, of course." Hayes responded. "Uh no. That's my number. Always has been. Except one year. I was number eight." I mumbled the last part. "Uh no, I've claimed seven. Too bad, so sad. " He said with a smirk. "Oh really?" I said "You wanna bet?" I finished. "No, I'm not gonna fight a girl." He shook his head. "Um. Number 1 I never said anything about fighting and number 2, you scared big boy? Hmm?" I teased. "No, but I don't wanna hurt you." He teased right back. I tackled him to the ground, me on top. He rolled us over and he was on top. He was playing around and was slapping me gently on the head and stuff. I finally reached middle ground and flipped us over, me back on top. I tickled him on his sides. Who woulda thunk? He cracked up, tears in his eyes. "Wanna give up?" I asked, still tickling him. "Uncle! Uncle!!!" He called. I got up. "Uh huh. And by the way number 7 really isn't mine. Number 8 is" I walked off and sat next to Nash. Hayes stood there with his mouth open. "Seriously?" He exclaimed. "As a heart attack" I smirked. Nash gave me a high five and laughed "I think we're gonna be best friends." He whispered in my ear. I smiled.

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