Wake Up in Miami

Korie has been under the worst stress lately and she just wants a break. So her dad drives her and a few friends down to Miami for the summer for a vacation and a decent tan before school starts again. But her friends have something planned behind her back and it seems like everyone knows about it except her. With stories of Nerf wars and ghost hunts, will Korie hark back to Alabama with the break she'd been expecting?


14. Gilinsky's words. Not mine.

We headed down the steps to the ballroom and into the pitch black abyss. I hit night vision. That's right. When I play, I play hard. I was scoping out the area for a finding spot, and buzzed G.

"Y'all in the b-ball court?" I whispered and hoped my walkie didn't echo throughout the room.
I waited a couple minutes while I looked around for Tay and Kylie and I got a buzz from team two.

"Now, girl, you know me better than that and we ain't known each other for too long." G responded from the walkie-talkie and from across the room. As I put the walkie-talkie into its case on my belt buckle, Kylie came up from behind me and put her hand over my mouth and spoke soft, short sentences in my ear.

"It's Kylie. Don't scream. Taylor's with. We're gonna have a moment in the hall." And dragged me out into the hall. "Did you find out where they was?" Tay asked when we were out of ear range, and in the nearby utility closet. "Uh yeah, listening to resonance from the speakers, G's behind the stage in the ballroom. There should be 2 other people with him. Risking a little, I was thinking that we all rush them, drag them in here, tie 'em up, and take the walkie. I may be a little too risky though. Thoughts?"

"Um, as long as you promise to not go all E.L. James on me later, sounds good." Kylie nods her head and Taylor gives a thumbs up. "Mmkay." I say and grab my gun from my shoulder and go for it. I sprint through the doors and halfway through the ballroom when I stop for Kylie and Taylor. I nod to Kylie to go front me and Taylor go through the middle of the room to the other side.

"Remember, whatever happens, I had a great time and I'll make sure the casket's open." I hit him softly on the back and sent him out. I ran behind Kylie, in full knowledge of my plan. Kylie looks back with a sad face and I shrug with a pang of guilt. We slam against the wall after a couple of more steps, and wait for the shots. As Taylor gets the other side and starts prancing to the second pair of front double doors, we hear them. Me and Kylie get into a kneel position and aim. Two of the other team go after Taylor and he goes down. We take our shots and hit the team members around the same time. When they go down, we run out and Kylie grabs the walkie and checks out who went down. "Yep, G and Cam. Figures." We drag 'em out. My foot wraps around Taylor's arm and drags him along too.

We try to get out the best and as fast as we can, when we hear Calla scream and see her and Matt and JJ go down. I turn to Kylie and go "Fast." She gets it and takes off, helping with Taylor and we get them all in, safely in time for Nash and Hayes and Shawn to pass by the closet. I look out in time to see them go into the ballroom. I close the door again and I sink down the back of it and breathe out a big 'ole breath.

"That was exhilarating. I just feel bad." Kylie explains and I nod. "I feel ya. But, hopefully, he'll understand the choices." I reply and she gives the okay sign with one hand, while the other is on her hip. "I feel like he will." she finishes and we wait a couple minutes for the guys to wake up.

When Taylor woke up, Kylie takes a big breath and Tay says "It's okay, you guys. I understand, but be prepared for revenge." He gives an alluring look as he finishes. "Mmkay." I say and starts smacking G a little to help him wake up. Cam wakes slowly and Gilinsky is up when we start to explain to Taylor what was in the bullets.

"We special ordered them from a fancy nerd website. They have a special pocket inside and when air pressure is applied, the pocket starts dissolving and chloroform is released. By the time it reaches y'all, it's dissolved enough to breathe in and knocks y'all out." I explain as I rob them of bullets and split them with Kylie, and put mine in my special case for them on my belt. Yes, I have two cases for things on me. Is that wrong?

"We were probably put on a watch list, and we have to make sure to get it close enough to where they smell it, but it's worth it. We play hard." Kylie nods and Cam says "You sure do." and we tell them we'll be back after we win. "Bye y'all." Kylie and I say as we say farewell for now. "Now, what's the plan?" I ask. "Well, as we both know, Rina's tough but not tough enough for Nerf wars. All we have to do is get inside her head, become Rina basically." Kylie pitches. We think for a couple seconds and it hits me. "Front desk." We run from our spots and pass by Matt and them. "Do they have a walkie-talkie?" Kylie asks me and I shrug. "Just put it there anyways." She does and then we take off.

When we reach the lobby, we slow down and sure enough, there's a flustered Rina looking through binders and books for a list of big rooms and extras in the hotel. Did you understand that? I meant, like the ballroom and basketball and volleyball courts. Get it? Good. Anyhoodle, me and Kylie get back around a corner and keep sneaking peeks of Rina.

"Where? Where is it? Where are you?!" She keeps repeating such as I pray for forgiveness. When I finish, I breathe, load the gun, and take my shot. Bam, it hits her and she goes down without a sound. "Dang, girl. You still got it." Kylie high-fives me and we give each other a hug and hunt for the others. "Anyone left on team one?" I ask and buzz into the walkie-talkie as we're walking back to the utility closet. I get a buzz back. "Uh, yeah. Shawn's down and Nash and me are left." Hayes answers. "Kay, G and Cam are still out in the volleyball court. Go there and hide behind the bathrooms and we'll meet y'all there." I close out. "Kay." I get back from Nash. "Nice. Now, we gotta get there first." Kylie says as we start running to the back. "I know. I love you, bae. We'll see each other again, whatever happens." I say, tearing up. "Ditto." She says back, tearing up too.

We get there and keep watch for the others and we end up there first. "I'll go over there, over the trash can and get them as they come up." I volunteer and start walking. "Kay." Kylie stops and starts again. "Oh and Kor?" I turn around, fully aware of what she plans. What? You don't think I watch action movies. Yep, I do. Err-day boi. "Yeah?" I say and she shoots. I dive on the ground, barely missing the bullet and shoot back. I hit her upper lip and she woozes a little and goes down. "Love you." I say quickly, get up, and go back to the original spot behind the trash can. After a while, I hear soft footsteps and loading of a gun. I prepare and as the opponent comes in, I claim another victim. This one, Nash. I whisper sorry and drag him to me to get him out the way and not give me away. A couple seconds later, Hayes comes running in and gets to the bathrooms as I stand up. He looks around, befuddled.

"Looking for them?" I say and as he turns around, I catch him on the chin. "Darn it." He says and passes out. After he's down, I kinda don't know what to do because everyone's out, so I run back to the utility closet and untie Cam and Gilinsky and Tay. "Wanna help me out?" I ask and they follow me. "So I assume, you won?" Cam asks while pitching Hayes over his shoulder. "You assume right." I smirked and did an all-call over my walkie-talkie, and tell Matt, JJ, Calla, and Rina to head down to the volleyball court to help bring the fainted up to the rooms. I buzz out and go to pick up Kylie as she wakes up. "You sneak." She says as she rubs her eyes and I laugh. "Always."

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