Wake Up in Miami

Korie has been under the worst stress lately and she just wants a break. So her dad drives her and a few friends down to Miami for the summer for a vacation and a decent tan before school starts again. But her friends have something planned behind her back and it seems like everyone knows about it except her. With stories of Nerf wars and ghost hunts, will Korie hark back to Alabama with the break she'd been expecting?


5. #Excited

Here we are. 7th period on the last day of school. Thank god. Dad's taking Jennie out shopping for Miami while I go with Calla and Rina and Kylie to the mall for Miami as well. I cannot express my excitement!! I'm almost peeing!! I hear the bell ring and me and Rina rush out of 7th to the parking lot. We meet up with Calla and Kylie at Rina's car (because she's the oldest and the only one with a license.) and we get in and throw our bags in the back. 

"Time for some shopping fun babes!" I said, the happiest I've been in a couple of months.

"Omg!! Can you believe it?! We leave tomorrow!!" Calla screams.

"I literally am about to explode!" Kylie says with pure excitement.

Rina turns on her bluetooth and puts on a song. "What in the world is this?" I asked. "It is "Buckwild" by 2Virgins." Rina explains. "Mhm, and who else?" I smirk "Taylor Caniff" Calla whispers "Mhm, you guys are lucky I love you" I giggle and turn the radio up louder. What the hell. It isn't hurting anybody. 

We turn in to the Belair Mall and immediately head to Forever 21 for bathing suits. We decide to get matching ones and a few different ones. What? We aren't gonna use just one the whole time. 

"What about this one?" Kylie asks holding up a mint green aztec monokini.

"Its adorable!" "Get it" and oohs and ahhs came from us as she puts it in her collection. We went like that for a while till we decided we had enough and went to the next store on our lists.

We got back to my house at around 6 and laid out our newly bought things. We all got a couple of pairs of new underwear and bras and some shirts and shorts and like I said earlier, a couple of new swimsuits. Some sunglasses and phone cases and headphones and tanning oils and towels. Some new makeup and shoes. And etc. 

My dad knocked on my bedroom door.

"You girls getting packed?" He asked. "Yeah. We were just separating this stuff." I told him. I walk over to hug him. I whispered in his ear as I was hugging his neck "I love you so much, daddy." He kissed my forehead and whispered it back. I walked downstairs to go and get mine and the girls' suitcases. Our parents just decided it was easier than having us go and pick them all up and wake everyone up. So they all brought all of the stuff they needed to school today and brought it back here. As we were packing our stuff, we couldn't keep quiet. 

"Do you guys think we'll see any cute guys there?" Calla asked 

"Of course! It's Miami!" Kylie practically screamed. 

"Yeah, Calla." I agreed with them as I turned on my baking playlist even though I wasn't baking. "Beautiful Soul" by Jesse McCartney came on. "I don't wanna another pretty face…" played in the background as my phone buzzed. New twitter notification. "Hey you guys. Come over here and I'm gonna post a pic to literally everything!" They came over and we took a pic. I posted it to pretty much all social media with the caption: "All my beautiful girls! Miami bound in less than 12 hours!"

It didn't take long to post it so I headed back over to pack. We were finished pretty soon and Dad came in to take us out for dinner and to Walmart. We have to have some things from there too! And we just wanted to stalk random strangers and the other girls wanted to film some Vines. We do the craziest things in Walmart I swear. 


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