Wake Up in Miami

Korie has been under the worst stress lately and she just wants a break. So her dad drives her and a few friends down to Miami for the summer for a vacation and a decent tan before school starts again. But her friends have something planned behind her back and it seems like everyone knows about it except her. With stories of Nerf wars and ghost hunts, will Korie hark back to Alabama with the break she'd been expecting?


12. Das Not Cute, Boo Boo

Author's Note** Goodness gracious! I haven't been on here in forever (I really honestly can't stand writer's block...or school) I guess I should give you an explanation. I did start out with writer's block and then I completely forgot about this until I got an email about a comment on this story. So for all of you who were waiting by your computer, silently and slowly dying because I wasn't writing (or the others who really didn't care..) I'm terribly sorry but... pay your thanks to Bad_Ass (yes, that's her account name. Fancy, huh?) She's the one who reminded me. Go check her out! I did. #NoRagrets. But I also have school and I decided to do another chapter to celebrate school starting back. Whoo. Can't you just feel the excitement? Ugh. I'm also doing this to procrastinate.. #ProcrasinationPrincess. #Scienceisn'tfunMs.Garrett. I also think that I'll start posting whenever I have free time. Congrats, y'all are getting more attention than Twitter. Lolololol. Be tee dubs, you'll need a translator handy for this chapter. I have to study somehow.

Anyways, enjoy my sugar dumplings.

I was sitting on Nash's bed dancing to music and goofing off and he was vining me. "You little-" I said but cut myself off.

"What?" Nash said innocently.

"You're a terrible person" I said and grumbled.

"Aw, poor baby." He whined and posted the vine.

The caption: Some people should admit they can't dance. "You know, if I dance so bad, why pay attention?" I stuck out my tongue. Hayes grabbed it. 


"You taste horrible!" I yelled again.

"Yeah, well don't stick out your tongue." He laughed.

Rina was talking with Cam, Calla was upside down with her phone texting Matt even though he was right beside her. And Kylie was chilling with Shawn. I'd say we were having fun. "Yo Rina?!" I called. "Si?" She called back.

"Mi porterai a Taco Bell?" I said.

Yeah, I speak Italian. And French and Spanish and German and Finnish and Russian. Rina speaks Italian, Calla speaks Spanish and Kylie speaks Greek. We all speak French, so excuse the foreign language.

"Sérieusement? Pouvez-vous pas? Tu ne vois pas que je vais avoir un moment?" She whined.

"Vraiment? Un changement de langue? Et il peut venir aussi tant que vous achetez-moi une plaque de nachos supplémentaire. Et d'ailleurs, j'ai ouvert à ces gars-là. Tu me dois un." I said back. 

At this point, everyone was going back and forth, confused as all get out.

"Ugh, je suppose. Et je pourrais appeler les passagers "Oui, nous sommes allés à Taco Bell à 10 heures du soir. Nous trop mignon!" N ° Das pas mignon, boo boo" She yielded.

I pumped my fists in the air for excitement. "Whoop whoop!" I screamed.

"Adiós amor bizcochos!" I grabbed Rina's keys (which had a copy of my dad's car key on it) and was at the door when the other guys said they wanted to come.

"Hold up, who told them?" I asked and groaned.

"Well, yeah, I feel welcomed and Rina offered." Shawn said.

"I didn't mean to be ugly, y'all but don't y'all think girls are gonna mob us if you came? I just want food. Without the hassle. Just my Taco Bell. easy and quick." I ranted, and cried at the end. For emphasis.

"Granted, but that's why we have a secret exit." Gilinsky said. "Come on!" Hayes pulled me into the elevator with Nash, Jack J, and Taylor. The others waited.

"Ooh. The only girl. What a great joy." I rolled my eyes. The elevator opened to a dark ballroom with an exit door on the other side. We all ran to Dad's car to wait for the others. I slide over the top of the car to get in the passenger seat.

"Smooth moves, Bassett. But I've got smoother." Taylor smirked. "Yeah, well, I've got southern charm." I bragged. "Touche." Taylor chuckled. The others eventually joined us and I don't know how we fit all of us in there. "Well, it's a genuine miracle." I teared up.  "How the heck do you do that?" Cam spoke. "Do what?" I said. "Tear up for crazy things like this" He looked confused. "She would cry if a leaf fell from a tree." Kylie mentioned. "Yeah, she's real emotional." Rina said starting up the car. "Y'all will get used to it." Calla said resting on Matt's shoulder. "Hah! No you won't" Kylie laughed.

"Apparently- WOAH!" I screamed when Rina drove out in traffic.

"ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL US?!" Nash freaked. "Nah." Rina said nonchalantly. "You, sir, are a butt munch." I stated. I sniffed the air. Taco Bell was close. "I don't know which way to go?" Rina told us. "Left." I spoke, eyes not leaving my phone. "How do you know?" Shawn asked. "I have an impeccable nose. Virheetön." I answered. "That means what?" Nash sassed. "Flawless in Finnish. Fancy, huh?" I laughed.

"Calla?" Hayes voiced. "Hmm?" Calla hmmed. "How do you guys put up with her?" Jack J finished. "It's an acquired taste." Calla joked. "Y'all should count your blessings. It's by the grace of God she's here." Kylie said real soft.

"Kyle, could you not?" I gritted and faced her. "Wait, what happened?" Aaron questioned. "Oh poor A-ron. It's a long story that no one needs to know about, girls." I said the last part to Calla and Rina and Kylie. My life story is much less than interesting.

By that time, Rina had pulled in to Taco Bell's drive through. "You know what I want." I whispered, feeling a bit sick. "Yeah yeah, Um I need a few minutes." Rina shouted into the speaker. Why she yells, no one knows, but it gets stuff across.

"I just want a Dr. Pepper freeze." Calla said. Don't worry, she's not starving herself. She's been eating all day. I promise. "Three cheesy Gordita crunches and a Baja Blast." Cam yelled from the back. The rest slowly came up with their orders and Rina wrote it all down. When she repeated it to the speaker, my order was the biggest out of all of them.

"And 2 Cool Ranch Dorito Locos Tacos, 2 Nacho Cheese Dorito Locos Tacos, 3 soft beef tacos, 1 Quesarito without rice, 1 Nacho BellGrande plate, and a Dr. Pepper vanilla float freeze. Please, and Thank you." She finished up

"Now I just have una pregunta." Cam boasted, proud of his dialect at the minute. "Applause, my dear, and shoot." I told him as I grabbed my order from Rina. "Where do you fit all that?!" He exclaimed. "I'm magical, hon. Pure magic." I kidded. We headed back to the hotel and up to our gathering room thing. It was crowded in Nash and Cam's room. "How did we manage to not get attacked?" I asked while stuffing my face. "We're too cool." Shawn managed to say through a mouth full. I handed him a napkin and said "That you are, sweet-cheeks, that you are." Don't ask why I use so many pet names, I have no clue. It just comes naturally I guess.

"Now, you have a story to tell us." Nash switched to serious mode. All the girls looked at me. "Oh look at the time! Time for bed." I tried to overlook what was happening and escape to my room. All the guys got up and blocked my way. I groaned. "You guys don't want to know. Gosh, you only just met me!" I whined. "More the reason to tell us." Taylor said. "No, that's not logical. You guys have an event tomorrow anyways." I failed at trying to change the subject. "They don't, and Korie, you know the more people you tell, the easier it will be." Kylie came up behind me and rubbed my back. "No it won't. I've tried so long to hide it and push it away. I don't need to tell anyone." I started sobbing. Gilinsky came up and lifted my head. "You'll be fine. Your girl is right. It'll make it easier." He spoke softly. I sighed. Guess you guys have a lot coming your way, very soon. 

Cliffhanger, boys and squirrels. Leave it in the comments some details you want to make into a personal story. Heck, add in some of your's as well. Only if you're comfortable with it, though. This is not cyber-rape. I'm not a big fan of that. Anyways.

Au revoir, mes bouquets de miel d'avoine. Si vous ne l'avez pas remarqué, j'ai un problème avec des noms d'animaux. C'est une mauvaise habitude et je travaille dessus. Mes excuses. 

(You'll wanna translate that...) 

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