Wake Up in Miami

Korie has been under the worst stress lately and she just wants a break. So her dad drives her and a few friends down to Miami for the summer for a vacation and a decent tan before school starts again. But her friends have something planned behind her back and it seems like everyone knows about it except her. With stories of Nerf wars and ghost hunts, will Korie hark back to Alabama with the break she'd been expecting?


4. Babeeeeeeeeesss!

Kylie Holzer

Hey I'm Kylie and this beautiful picture was taken by Jennie Bassett. But its a bit big haha! Anyways, I'm the fourth part of our group of besties! I live in Elberta like Rina and Calla and we go to the small school that is prison! Thank god we're going to Miami this summer so I get out of this hell hole. I have a happy personality save for the fact I'm pretty honest. The girls say brutally but ya know. Whatever! Anyways I love music and my parents are a part of Syco Management. Which means they know Simon Cowell. But that's as much of a celebrity as I thought I'd ever meet. Till Korie's dad gave us the news!!!! Ahhhh!! And the best part is we're staying in the same hotel as MagCon!!! Did I mention I liked them? No? Okay. Well I love them!! And Shawn is the literal definition of my heart. He is so perfect. And so gorgeous. Anyways, we get to see them this summer! Not like a meet and greet at MagCon because then Korie would be fuming but me and the girls made the best plan ever!! But Calla says I can't tell you. :P haha! Anyways, I have a little brother named Riley and he's 4. He's so cute!! He's sorta like Skylynn but except a boy :). I think they'd be a cute couple honestly! So that's enough. I'll let you go and read about the best time of our lives! Bye!!

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