Wake Up in Miami

Korie has been under the worst stress lately and she just wants a break. So her dad drives her and a few friends down to Miami for the summer for a vacation and a decent tan before school starts again. But her friends have something planned behind her back and it seems like everyone knows about it except her. With stories of Nerf wars and ghost hunts, will Korie hark back to Alabama with the break she'd been expecting?


11. *Authors Note*

Hey you guys. I know its early in the book and I had ideas but they vanished and I have none at the time. I have writers block a lot so I don't know when the next time i'll be updating. I ask one thing though: Will you hang in there and wait long enough? Or nah? haha. I kill myself. *wipes imaginary tear* anyways. Love yooh guys. Bye!


Ps I'll be writing a couple of new books although I don't know how they'll turn out. This one is the main one though and i will most definitely be asking for ideas from my friends. You know who you are (; Love yooh!

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