My next door neighbor (16+)

Marieanna and her friend daylan move in with her friends in California and sees her neighbors Liam and Harry and gets to know them and falls in love with them both who will she choose??.....


2. settling in/visitors

Marieanna POV:

We walk in side and set the first load down "so how you guys liking Cali so far?" Daliana says "well considering we just got here we love it!!" I say a little sarcastically "we're sorry about what happen in NY" Laisha says

"No need to be it's not like you could have prevented it" I say tears forming in my eyes


"What the fuck Ashton? Having another whore in our bed then leaving evidence?" I say crying

"I'm-I'm sorry" he says sobbing

"Your obviously not sorry enough to bring someone in our house.....on our bed" I say a say a little more softly now sobbing

*back to reality*

"Anyways it's over I don't care I'm here with my best friends and that's what matters" our little reunion was interrupted with someone knocking on the door

I get up and head towards the door "he-hello" i say taken back by beautiful brown eyes that just made my heart melt "hello love...uh my understanding that you and a friend just moved in" I says with a killer smile "uhh..uhh ya hi I'm Marieanna and this is daylan we just moved in with our friends" I say smiling

"Hi" daylan mange to squeak out I giggle at her face expression towards the green eyed one

A/n: new chapter from here it kinda gets dirty so turn back if ya want 😜

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