My next door neighbor (16+)

Marieanna and her friend daylan move in with her friends in California and sees her neighbors Liam and Harry and gets to know them and falls in love with them both who will she choose??.....


1. moving in

Marieannas POV:

Me and daylan pull into the drive way of our friends house to me I thought the house was huge and by the look on daylans face I can tell she thought so too

"Let's get the stuff from the trunk" I say unbuckling my seat belt

"Yeah" she nods doing the same

We pick up some things and head towards the door I skim the houses quickly and and one house caught my attention the house to the right of the house I see a tall guy with bushed back hair with little curls in the back with sun glasses on he catches me staring he smiles and waves at me I wave back and smile

I start towards the door again were daylan is giving laisha and Daliana and going in side I walk up to them and give them a hug

Harry's POV:

I walked out side cause I heard a car pull into a drive way I see two girls getting out a range rover and head to the back of the care and pull out boxes I realized that my neighbors had some people moving in one of them looks around at the houses

But the I caught her staring at me a laugh a little smile and wave at her waves And smile back and continues towards the house

"Did you see those girls mate" I say to Liam who wasn't paying attention

"What?" He says now looking up at me

"You now those girls that live next to us right?" I say

"Oh yeah.... Err laisha and Daliana right?" He says cocking an eyebrow

"Yeah they have some girls moving in" I say looking over the fence

"Really?..... Are they hot?" He says smirking

"Well let's go find out" i say realizing they came back out for more boxes

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