The Fighter

Toni Medeiros was always a strong girl. She never liked to show her weaknesses and when she did it was only when she couldn't control herself. Toni used boxing as her way to let out all of the emotions that she felt inside... When she comes into money problems her life is put at risk and she refuses to ask for help, but when Louis finds out he's determined to help the girl he's slowly falling for...


23. Where Is She?


No One's POV

Two figures approached the truck and payed no attention to the bleeding girl in the front.

"You sure that it's her?" One of them asked.

"Yes I'm sure," the other snapped," now go get the money out of the back."

The man did as told and went to reach through the broken rear window to take out the bag of money and place it over his shoulder.

"Do you have it?" The other man snapped again from the front of the truck.

"Yes snappy, it's right here."

"Throw her bag into the woods over there, we don't need anyone recognizing her or anything." He ordered.

"Do this, do that, it never ends." The man mumbled under his breath, walking away again to do as he was told.

When he had thrown her bag away from open view he met his partner at the front of the truck and saw him gripping the door.

"What are you doing?"

"Help me flip this fuckin' thing." The man huffed, pushing against the overturned truck with all his strength.

The two out space between each other and pushed against the side of the truck as hard as they could. Soon enough they heard a loud groaning sound as the truck moved over the edge of the road and slowly tipped over. They didn't have to push anymore as the truck fell down, into the water, and slowly submerged.

"Now the boss wont have any problems concerning Toni Medeiros ever again." The man said dismissively, walking back to their truck in silence.

The other man watched in hidden horror as the truck was slowly going out of view, the body in the truck left to die if it hadn't already.


Oooooo. Lol sorry. Anywho, what did ya think? It's a short little filler because I'm a little too out of it to continue with a really long chapter.

Questions to consider:

Is Toni dead? Or will she be?

Was the accident really an accident?

Who would want to take all her money and leave her for dead?


MWAHAHA.. Not really. This kinda sucks and I'm thinking about just taking this down. Tell me what you think




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