The Fighter

Toni Medeiros was always a strong girl. She never liked to show her weaknesses and when she did it was only when she couldn't control herself. Toni used boxing as her way to let out all of the emotions that she felt inside... When she comes into money problems her life is put at risk and she refuses to ask for help, but when Louis finds out he's determined to help the girl he's slowly falling for...


24. Overboard

Toni's POV

I slowly came to, feeling only pure cold and a stinging all over my body. When I opened my eyes and gasped in my first breath I immediately chocked on some liquid. I looked around in shock to see my truck full of water, and as I looked out the shattered windshield my fears were confirmed; my truck was going down, head first, into the ice cold river.

How the fuck did I-

My thoughts were cut off as I chocked on water yet again as I tried to breathe in. I struggled to look down to my lap, in hopes of getting free, but the water was too dark and the lack of light made it near impossible to see at all. I looked around frantically, tilting my head up to keep it out of the water as I tried to breathe, but as time went on the water got higher and I had no more room to push up. I reached out blindly under the water for my glove compartment and used my last bit of strength to pull it open and find a small blade starting to float around inside.

I quickly grasped it and pulled it above the rising water line so I could flick the blade up before reaching back down, under the water, to slit my seatbelt off. As my hands struggled to keep their strength the water rose above my lips and I was forced to tilt my head up and breathe through my nose. The freezing cold water made my breath come out in white puffs and my body began to shake uncontrollably, making it harder to keep my hands steady as I continued to blindly cut through the constricting seatbelt.

At last I felt my body float up as the belt was severed and I was freed. I put my head up as high as I could before the water became a real problem and used my hands to hold onto the truck and keep my body steady. As I tried to hold myself still I lifted my leg as fast as the water would let me and attempted to break the windshield further. After about five minutes I was surrounded by the water with no air pocket close enough to relieve my burning lungs.

I quickly grasped the forgotten blade and turned my body towards the back of the truck, using the seats and cushions to push myself up towards the back window. I looked around for my bags, but they were no where to be seen, but to my surprise the window was already shattered with a hole big enough in it for me to fit through. I pushed my arms out first, feeling the glass skim over my already bleeding limbs, and used my hands to push on the glass and pull the rest of my body out.

Once out I swam up, following the direction of the bubbles that poured out of my mouth as my breath became quite limited. The second my head cracked the surface I puffed out a very small breath before gasping for air to satisfy my screaming lungs. The loss of oxygen made me quite dizzy and it made it a lot harder to stay above the water much longer. I looked around slowly and shakily sighed in relief as a large tree root stuck out of the water not far from me, giving me an easier way to pull myself to shore.

By the time I reached the shore line I was exhausted and barely had enough strength to keep my head up. My eyes were closing on their own and I was just about ready to go back into a deep slumber, but just as they closed I heard  faint ringing noise- my phone. I looked around as saw the screen light up from a few meter away.

I hissed in pain as I lifted my arms ahead of me and used them, once again, to pull me forward. When I got lose enough to reach out and grab it, I saw Louis's name on it, the phone stopped ringing but started ringing again within two minutes.

This time Zayn's name flashed on my phone this time and I quickly slid my finger across the broken screen to answer it, putting it on speaker.

"Z-Zayn." I chocked out, speaking for the first time.

"Toni! Where are you? Are you okay? Dan, Louis, and I have been calling for hours, where are you?"

"Truck slammed into m-me, my truck went o-over. Bridge by my house." I stammered incoherently, feeling my body slowly give in to exhaustion.

"What?! Hold on. We're coming Toni," Zayn exclaimed," stay awake. Do not close your eyes."

" 'm s-so cold 'nd tired." I mumbled.

"Dan call the police!" Zayn yelled from the other end.

There was a moment of silence and my body took it as a chance to shut down. I faintly heard my name being called, but my eyes felt like cement and I couldn't muster up the energy to open them and for the second time... it all just went black.


Hello lovelies! It's been so long and I give my sincerest apologies.


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