The Fighter

Toni Medeiros was always a strong girl. She never liked to show her weaknesses and when she did it was only when she couldn't control herself. Toni used boxing as her way to let out all of the emotions that she felt inside... When she comes into money problems her life is put at risk and she refuses to ask for help, but when Louis finds out he's determined to help the girl he's slowly falling for...


25. Impossible

Louis's POV

I can't even tell how long we've all been here, waiting for Toni to wake up. It's been eight days, but it feels like it was just yesterday. I can remember just sitting in my room, being upset over Toni not answering any of my calls or texts.


"Hey this is Toni, leave a message and I'll call you back."

Even over the phone I could here how much her voice lacked any type of positive emotion.

"Toni, please, just... answer my calls. I'm worried about you." I said before taking a deep breath.

"I guess I just feel like-


"Damn it." I muttered under my breath.

This was the sixth time that she's ignored my call in the past four hours. She had to be home by now, or at least somewhere safe. This just isn't like her, she wouldn't dodge me like this. Toni lives for confrontation, that's practically how she makes a living.So, why doesn't she answer-

"Don't sweat it, Lou. She'll call you back sooner or later." I heard Zayn say.

"Will she?" I asked.

I raised my head to see him standing in the doorway to my bedroom, crossing his arms and watching me with no expression.

"Would you like me to call her?" He offered.

I shrugged and looked down towards my phone again.

"I guess."

In that moment I heard Zayn punch in the numbers and push the button to call, he put it on speaker so I could hear. The call connected after the second ring.

"Z-Zayn." Toni stammered.

The way she spoke made Zayn's eyes widen as we noticed the way her voice sounded choked.

"Toni! Where are you? Dan, Louis, and I have been calling for hours, where are you?"

"Truck slammed into m-me, my truck went o-over. Bridge by my house."

From the sound of it she was fading fast, she sounded like she was chocked or shaking- or both.

"What?! Hold on. We're coming Toni," Zayn exclaimed," stay awake. Don't close your eyes."

" 'm s-so cold...'nd tired." She mumbled, I could barely hear her anymore.

"Dan call the police!" Zayn yelled, dropping the phone in my lap and running off.

"Toni! Please, what happened?"

I was answered by complete silence, not even by the sound of her breathing. This worried me and I ran out of the room. I found Zayn rushing around and Dan speaking into a phone rapidly.

 "No I haven't seen her! We just called and she said she's been in an accident." Dan exclaimed.

He put the phone down quickly to reach into his pocket and pull out his keys.

"Louis go start the truck, Zayn grab the med kit that;s under the kitchen counter."

"Toni Medeiros, she was leaving a fight and was on her way home."

I ran out before I could hear anything else and unlocked Dan's Hummer as quickly as I could. When I jumped in, and I mean jumped- I'm too damn short for this truck, I started the truck and heard the back door open and shut quickly.

"Louis, go!" I heard Dan yell.

I started the truck and pulled out of the driveway as fast as I could. I turned left and waited for more directions as we raced down the empty road.

"Where am I go-

"Take me to Toni's house." I heard Dan say, followed by a beep that resonated throughout the truck.

"Directions to Toni's House."

The screen on the dashboard lit up and showed me a blue path that led me father down the highway. I sped up as fast as the truck would allow practically spun the tires when I was told to turn down a narrow road.

The first thing I saw was the lights. The red, white, and blue lights that shook my with fear.

"Thank god they got here first." Zayn said, hopping out of the truck as fast as he could followed by Dan.

I parked the truck behind one of police vehicles and jumped out as soon as I could manage. I looked around frantically and saw Zayn and Dan talking to one of the many paramedics on site, the others were gathered near the ambulance or by the road side. Weighing my options, I looked to the bigger cluster of people that was by the road side. I jogged over and made it just in time to see them pulling a gurney up with a really torn up Toni laying on top.

The mere sight broke my heart, there was blood and glass everywhere, especially on her hands. Her neck was held in a brace, her left arm was in a sling, and her entire torso was wrapped in just bandaging. I could visibly see her entire body shaking, almost convulsing, as small puffs of air came from her nose.

"Oh, Toni." I choked.

Zayn and Dan came over just as they began to rush her away and into the ambulance.

"What happened?" I asked, blinking back the tears that hadn't fallen yet.

"Another truck came and hit her. All the glass and marks on the ground suggest that she'd flipped over and then skidded to the edge, but they don't know how she went over because she wasn't far enough to actually fall over."

"Could they save any of her stuff from her truck?" I asked.

"They sent down a diver to check, but there was nothing, not even her gym bag- they'd found it in the woods a couple yards away. She had her phone and there isn't much else that could be missing. She never left anything in her truck other than..." Dan trailed off, his eyes widening and his body tensing.

"Her money." Zayn finished for him, mirroring his expression.

"You don't think..." I trailed off, who would do this to Toni?

"Someone set this up." Dan said, his facial expressions hardening and his voice getting deeper.

He stormed off to his truck and hoped in the front, before we could even follow he stuck his head out the driver window.

"Go with her, I have things to do." He said, speeding off down the road without another word.

Me and Zayn had shared a look, one that not even I could label, before rushing off to the ambulance and inside to sit with Toni and the two paramedics that continued to treat her.

*Flashback Ends*


That was eight days ago.

Eight very long and torturous days.


Zayn and I refuse to leave so the hospital let us just stay on the bed and chair in Toni's room as she was the only one who occupied it. Dan had only visited about four times, he mainly went out to "run errands" as he said and stayed only long enough to meet with each of the doctors and nurses that took care of Toni to check up on how she was really doing. Other than that he kept her gym running, at least that's what Liam had said, and left for hours at a time.

Harry didn't really like hospitals, and Niall usually got too upset to stick around without making a huge scene, so Liam only visited a couple times when he wasn't trying to occupy them to bring us clothes and money for food. I stayed up as long as I could with Zayn every day, seeing as we never dared to leave not even to eat. The nurses eventually started going out to places like McDonald's or Burger King to get us food so we didn't have to leave, so instead of us paying for the food directly we'd just pay the nurses about 100$ a day. They didn't seem to mind, and it kept us right where we needed to be so it worked out for everyone.

It was around midnight, so that would make it our ninth day here pretty soon, and Toni still hadn't woken up. She never moved other than the steady rise and fall of her chest, her eyelids didn't flutter open and closed, and she couldn't eat or drink anything. The doctors just kept her under close observation and on an IV for necessary nutrients. So, like the past eight days, I sat here watching and waiting for something to happen.. anything. She just needs to wake up soon.


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