The Fighter

Toni Medeiros was always a strong girl. She never liked to show her weaknesses and when she did it was only when she couldn't control herself. Toni used boxing as her way to let out all of the emotions that she felt inside... When she comes into money problems her life is put at risk and she refuses to ask for help, but when Louis finds out he's determined to help the girl he's slowly falling for...


17. I'm Coming Home

Louis's POV

It's been at least a few hours since we got to bring Toni home, the doctors said that her health was miraculous and that she was really lucky. Of course, all Toni really cared about was being able to go back to training on Wednesday. I was really happy that she was okay, but I- I mean the lads and I really enjoyed having her around.

"Louis!" I heard Harry call from the kitchen.

"Yeah, I'm coming!" I called back.

I hastily crawled off of my bed and walked out of my room towards the kitchen. When I walked in I saw Toni leaning on the island laughing at something Liam had said. Jealousy sparked in me when I saw the shining in his eyes and he laughed along with her.

"Hey boobear, long time no see." Harry chuckled.

"Hey Hazza." I said plastering on a smile.

"How'd you sleep?" Zayn said with a hint of humor in his voice, causing everyone but Toni to chuckle. She simply looked down at her folded hands and waited for the moment to pass.

"I was awake during the ride back actually." I replied shortly.

"So you mean to tell me that I had to carry you to your room for nothing?" Harry demanded in a fake angered voice.

"Precisely." I smiled before grabbing a green apple off of the island and sitting down on a stool.

"Why was I summoned from my chambers?" I asked, Toni laughed quietly to my right.

"Liam was going to take Toni down to her apartment and we didn't want her to leave without saying goodbye first." Niall explained with a smile directed towards Toni.

Everyone's being quite weird this morning.

"Right," Liam said leaning down to pick up Toni's bags," I'll be packing up the truck."

"I'll give you a hand, if you want?" Zayn asked.

"Yeah, sure. There's more bags in her- the spare room." Liam nodded before walking to the front door and out to the truck.

"Come visit us soon, yeah?" Zayn said as he embraced Toni and kissed her hair.

"You bet." Toni smiled.

As Zayn walked out Harry walked around the island and gave Toni a big hug.

"I hope to see you and Liam at the gym soon." Toni laughed.

"Definitely, I'll try and get the others to come too." Harry smiled as they pulled away.

"Sounds great." Toni said as she bent down to grab her backpack.

"You sure you don't want to stay one more night?" Harry asked.

"I have a lot to catch up on." Toni said, the way she said it made me think she was up to something. With that she gave Niall a quick hug and he kissed her cheek.

"I hope to see you soon princess." Niall smiled.

"Alright, I guess I'll see you on Wednesday then." Harry said quickly.

"Definitely." Toni nodded with a quick smile.

At this point I stood from my seat and wrapped my arms around Toni.

"I'll miss you." I whispered.

Toni pulled back and ruffled my hair with the hand that wasn't holding onto her backpack strap.

"I'll miss you too carrot head." She laughed.

"Toni, let's go!" Zayn called from outside.

"Chill out bossy pants, I'll be there in a sec." Toni called back with a roll of her eyes.

As she walked away and towards the front door Harry, Niall, and I followed closely behind.

As she got into the back seat of the truck we all waved and whistled like crazy people.

"Bye Toni!" We called at the same time.

She rolled her window down and chuckled.

"Bye Niall! Bye Larry!" Toni beamed, earning laughs from everyone except Harry and I.

-- two hours later --

Toni's POV

It didn't take as long as I had thought to get home and put all my stuff away. I had told Zayn and Liam to leave and let me handle it, much to their disappointment.

"Toni?" I heard Dan's voice call followed by the sound of my front door shutting.

"I'm in the living room." I called back.

I stood from the couch as Dan walked in slowly and smiled warmly.

He embraced me tightly and ruffled my hair a bit before pulling back with his hands still on my shoulders.

"You look great. How've you been kid?" He asked with a smile.

"A lot better and ready to come back." I smiled lightly.

When I said this the smile on Dan's face slowly disappeared and he dropped his hands from my shoulders.

"How soon?" He asked.

"What do you mean?" I questioned.

"How soon do you plan on going back to work?" Dan asked with a sigh.

"I don't care about the training, I want to go back underground. Maggie needs-

"Maggie needs a cast after what you did to her. What you need to do is get behind the desk like I told you before. I meant what I said before Toni, you're done... No more training, no more boxing, no more fights."

"Don't forget who owns the gym, and who can rip away your precious title." I snapped.

"Excuse me?" Dan asked, taken aback.

"My father left the gym in my hands, not yours! Don't come in here with all this bullshit thinking that I'm gonna just give in and let you win." I threatened.

"Toni, I have-

"If you have something to say against me leave your keys and everything else that belongs to the gym and don't even think about coming back....I will not have my authority challenged." I said cutting him off.

"So what's the proposal exactly?" Dan said, crossing his arms.

I internally smiled at how much control I had over him, but held my neutral face and crossed my arms over my chest.

"Either you step in line and help me train for a comeback, or you take what's yours and don't even think about coming back." I stated simply.

Without so much as a sound Dan turned and walked to the front door. As he opened it he looked over his shoulder, but didn't look at me completely.

"I'll see you tomorrow at 4:30 sharp, no later." With that he walked out and quietly swiftly the door behind him, and the corners of my mouth had turned up in a smile.



I know I know, it was a stupidly short and boring chapter... I got a much longer one for Toni's training and "big comeback". Will she crash and burn? Or will her training go well, earning her her unbeatable and unforgettable throne underground? You help decide. Comment plzzzzzzz and let me know what you wanna see.


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