Minecraft: The Marvelous Misadventures of Steve

Steve wakes up in a strange world where everything is made of blocks. Follow him as he tries to survive, fight evil beasts, and discover how he came here and what his purpose is.


7. The Stronghold

Steve ground up the blaze rods into dust, or powder. Is there a difference? He combined the dust with his Ender Pearls, to make Eyes of Ender. He made sixty-four eyes. Taking Porky with him, who barked happily and the thought of walkies. Steve tossed one the eyes in the air, and it flew behind him quickly. Steve ran in the direction of the Pearls, throwing a new one every thirty blocks. He found all of them resting next to an old spruce tree. He picked them up and dug straight down, Porky jumping in after him. He broke a stone block to find a mossy stone brick one under it. He broke through it to fall through into a small tunnel, scattering dust everywhere. The block he broke made one small beam of light in the otherwise pitch-black room. He pulled out his torch, carrying it in his hand. He tied a piece of rope to Porky's neck, a makeshift leash. They wandered throughout the dark tunnels, driven by a combination of amazement and fear. Who had built this architectural wonder? Certainly not villagers. Not ordinary ones anyway. He searched the seemingly endless halls, finding only empty rooms and the occasional zombie or skeleton, which he and Porky easily dealt with. He threw his pickaxe against the wall in frustration, which severely startled Porky. The stone brick was destroyed by the pickaxe, revealing another room behind it. Steve picked up his pickaxe and mined the rest of the wall. The room had the empty portal frame inside of it. He made Porky sit, and saw a silverfish spawner in the stairs. He hated silverfish. He encountered them once while mining. He quickly got rid of it. He placed the eyes into the frame. Black dust, almost like space, formed in the middle, expanding until it compromised the entire portal. He grabbed Porky and they jumped in.

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