Minecraft: The Marvelous Misadventures of Steve

Steve wakes up in a strange world where everything is made of blocks. Follow him as he tries to survive, fight evil beasts, and discover how he came here and what his purpose is.


8. The Enderdragon

Steve and Porky fell through. Steve winced, knowing he would face the burning wrath of lava under it.

But they fell out on an obsidian platform floating nearly 30 blocks away from the main island. Steve carefully pulled out some dirt and made a 1x1 bridge across the Void, with Porky followed him close behind. He made it to the island, which, to his dismay, had hundreds of huge black Endermen on it. He made extra care not to look at them. He slowly climbed the obsidian pillar, telling his mind not to look down. He pulled himself to the top and saw an Ender Crystal.

"Does everything here have the word Ender before it?" he wondered out loud.

Fifty blocks away, staring at him with pure hatred, was a massive dragon. Steve saw it too. He grabbed his bow and fired it at the other Ender Crystals, which healed the dragon. Once all the Crystals were gone, the Enderdragon couldn't heal itself. Steve fired arrow after arrow, the dragon seemingly ignoring them when they hit him. Steve rummaged around in his backpack and found a Potion of Strength. He swallowed it in one gulp. They were incredibly small bottles. He felt the power within him course into his weapon. His arrow flew out of the bow with deadly accuracy. It flew right into the dragon's forehead, cubic blood spilling out everywhere. Steve pulled out a bucket of water and jumped off the pillar. Moments before hitting the ground, he dumped out the water. He landed into it with a colossal splash. Porky barked and they ran across the island. The Enderdragon swooped down and Steve sliced at it with his sword. Porky jumped up and bit its tail. The dragon took off, but Porky's mouth had a death grip.

"Porky!!" screamed Steve.

The dog gave a tremendous growl that echoed throughout the island. The dragon swooped down again and Steve threw his sword into the tail, next to Porky. He grabbed the sword, and he was flying with the dragon.

"Hi," he said to his dog.

"Woof!" she said with the corner of her mouth.

Steve climbed on the top of the tail, the spikes piercing his armor. He pulled out his sword. He climbed on the dragon's body. He hacked, chopped, and sliced at the dragon until it swooped down, when he fell off. The sword landed next to him, miraculously the handle falling right into his open hand. He knew he couldn't take out the beast on his own. Then a piece of paper was placed in front of him by a thin black hand.

It read:

We are tired of the Ender Dragon ruling over this land. We agree to help you if you promise not to kill any more of our brethren in your land.


The Endermen

Steve turned around and hundreds of tall black Endermen were standing behind him. They all charged forward to the dragon, the Endermen teleporting onto the dragon and attacking it. One Endermen teleported in front of Steve, holding Porky.

"Thank you," said Steve.

Porky jumped from the Enderman's arms and barked happily, wagging her tail. Steve pulled out on Ender Pearl and threw it at the dragon. He suddenly appeared on its back. He took his sword, and with the last remaining power of the strength potion stabbed downward right into the dragon's brain. The dragon's lost thought was:

Oh crap!

It fell toward the ground, lifeless. Head first, too. Steve jumped of just before it hit the ground. He landed with an awesome looking combat roll. The dragon exploded into guts when it hit. As Steve walked through the carnage, he found a small object, no bigger than a chicken egg. He pocketed it for safekeeping. Amongst the huge rib cage, Steve found a small disk. He threw it over by an obsidian pillar, disregarding it as trash. It grew and grew until it was a strange bedrock...thing. Steve and Porky ran over to it, while the Endermen had a huge party. Inside of the thing was a portal that the same as the one in the Stronghold. Steve was confoozled. He turned around and Herobrine was standing there.

"Good job," he said. "You managed to kill a beast with the help of seven hundred ninety-nine Endermen."

He pulled out a gleaming diamond sword. "You are unworthy."

"One last thing," said Steve. "I hate to lecture, but you probably shouldn't back your enemies into a portal."

With that, he and Porky jumped into the portal.

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