Minecraft: The Marvelous Misadventures of Steve

Steve wakes up in a strange world where everything is made of blocks. Follow him as he tries to survive, fight evil beasts, and discover how he came here and what his purpose is.


3. Survival

Steve woke up in his hole. He'd had the weirdest dream...a pair of white eyes was watching him...whispering something he couldn't make out...Steve ignored it and climbed out of his hole. It was daytime. He turned around and saw a small wolf cub sitting there, tilting its head. Steve smiled and tossed it his bones. It kept following him. When he whacked a pig with his sword, the dog leaped at it, killing it in a few bites. Steve picked up the meat and gave a piece to the dog. He had a new friend.

Steve wandered around until he came across a village. It had six or seven houses, what appeared to a blacksmith, and a cobblestone church. He walked in, getting a few looks from the villagers. He opened a chest he found in the blacksmith, finding a few iron ingots, three sticks, two pieces of bread, and four pieces of raw beef for his dog, who he decided to call Porky, due to the fact it was, well, porky.

He found a cave and came back as the sun was going down with one hundred sixty-four pieces of cobblestone. He ran into a house, much to the surprise of its one inhabitant.

"I need a place to spend the night in," said Steve.

The villager said nothing, but crafted him a bed and placed it down.

"Thank you," said Steve, and gave the villager an emerald he found in the mines.

That night, Steve dreamed of the white eyes again. This time, he could hear what it was saying.

"The End...The End..." it whispered.

It caused him to wake up in a cold sweat more than once.

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