Minecraft: The Marvelous Misadventures of Steve

Steve wakes up in a strange world where everything is made of blocks. Follow him as he tries to survive, fight evil beasts, and discover how he came here and what his purpose is.


2. Night Attack

Steve wasn't looking where he was running and head butted a sheep. He quickly got back up and ran away.

Just then, and arrow whizzed past his head. He spun around and saw a living skeleton brandishing a bow. He blocked two more arrows with his sword, then threw his axe at its head. It was cleaved from the skeleton's shoulders. The body faded away, two bones replacing it. Steve shrugged and picked them up.

He turned around and was knocked three blocks backward by a zombie. He drove his sword into its chest. He pulled it out and ran away.

As he was running, he wasn't watching where he was going. (Again) He fell down a nearly thirty block deep ravine. He grabbed onto the ledge, cutting himself in the process. With difficulty, he pulled himself back up. Before anything, he made a torch and dug with his pickaxe three blocks down. He covered up the hole and placed down the torch. He huddled in a ball, trying to keep warm.

"Still better than my seventh birthday," he muttered.

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