His Secret

This is a new story that I came up with, It was an idea so I thought i'd put pen to paper, well fingers to keyboard.

Jace Cole is the worlds most well known actor, he has everything he wants and needs, including girlfriend Emma Preston. The only thing is no one knows about Emma, she's his secret, but isn't it time that he told the world he is in love with a girl? Well thats what Emma thinks anyways. Join these two- oh and Chip the cat- On an adventure of ups and downs and curves in the road, as see if his secret will be let out any time soon.


1. Intro

“He’s late again Chip” 


I sighed to my cat as I blew my brown hair out of my face. Hours of cooking and it’s going into the microwave. “I understand he has work but he promised Chip, a hour late and on our anniversary, you wouldn't do that to me would you?” 

Meow. I laughed at how stupid this must look, me talking to my grey kitten who is sitting on the floor out of sight if people were to look into the window. 

“Come on Chip” I sighed, I took my plate of food and went over to the table to eat it as Chip leapt up onto his chair on the other side and just sat there as if he was a human and sitting down with me while I ate my meal. 


After washing all the dishes, well after Chip decided he wanted a bath in the sink that is, I sighed again and walked into the bed room. Changing out of the cream dress I had worn for the accession I slipped into a baggy sweater and shorts and lay in bed with Chip by my side. “I guess its just you and me buddy” I mumble as I kiss Chip on the top of his head and cuddle into the blankets letting sleep settle in. 


“Emma babe, move over”  Oh and now he decides to turn up I thought bitterly. I rolled over allowing there to be more space behind me, while doing so I heard Jace stripping his top and jeans so he was left in his boxers. I felt the bed dip but didn’t bother to turn and tried to keep up the act of being asleep. “Em, I’m sorry I had to do extra takes, we didn’t mean for it to go that long, and you know i couldn't tell them the reason I had to leave.” For some reason his words hurt more then they were intended to. As if he knew swell Chip let out a his from the place he was, right on Jace’s pillow. “Babe, I know your awake” In saying this Jace tried to reach out and touch my arm but I just shrugged him off feeling the hurt his words and actions caused me. 


“The couch it is then” He muttered standing from the bed and walking out the door. Grate way to overact Em I scolded myself. “I don’t know what to do anymore Chip” I whispered into the darkness. For the past few weeks Jace’s job has been taking a tole on me. The late nights, not knowing when or if he will be coming home, not being able to go out in public together. I guess thats just what I get for dating the worlds most famous actor, none other then Jace Cole. 


Golden boy, superstar, triple threat. My Jace Cole, only he wasn’t mine, the entire world was after him, and its only a matter of time they get him I thought. Sometimes I couldn't help but feel insecure, I mean wouldn't you too? Your boyfriend didn’t want the world to know he was dating you, that he could have anyone and everyone he wants within a blink of an eye. He’s always saying how its for the best, but sometimes I don’t understand how hiding me from the word is the best thing to do. Glancing at the clock I released it was 3 in the morning. Got to love them late night thoughts. Seeing as how I'm not going to be getting any sleep anyway I got up and shuffled my way through the darkness in such for the door handle. Once finding my target I open the door that lead into the lounge room.


We had such a big space, with having two apartments with the wall separating the two knocked down. So on the outside it looked like two separate places but on the inside it really was just a huge house, with double the things we needed. Another thing I had to go through so I could live with him, always making sure I go through the right door when leaving and coming home so no one knew we are together. Sighing —I seem to be doing that a lot— I catch a glimpse of the familiar blonde hair. Slowly I make my way towards him and nudge him awake. All i get in response is a mumble…

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