I'm Not Afriad

I grew up to be myself, and not care what other people think. I do what I want when I want, at least that is how it has always been... until I met him. He made me scared to feel, these feelings that I had never wanted to feel. He makes me want to break, and I have to push Harry Styles away.


2. Settle

We pulled up to the house that was in the picture, on my phone. "This is a nice place." One of the boys in the back of the truck said.

"Whatever I wont be here for more than a couple months, same as every time we move." I said.

I started to get out of the car, and then one of the boys in the back grabbed my arm, and pulled me back.

"Harry." I said looking back at the guy who was holding my arm. "Liam, she doesn't like when people grab her." Harry said, and then the grip was released from my arm.

"I am sorry, I was just wondering what you were doing tonight?" Liam said.

"Nothing, why?" I asked.

"Well. I am having a party night, and I was wondering if you wanted to come, it is going to be huge." He said smiling at me.

"Yah, sure, I haven't been to a party in a couple weeks." I said.

"I will probably need a ride though." I said.

"I will come pick you up." Harry said almost immediately after I had said that.

"Okay, my number is ***********" I said without giving him anytime to write it down.

"Wait what?" Harry said.

"Text me when you are on your way over." I said.

"No, I don't know the number, can you-" Harry said.

"I don't repeat myself." I said, and then walked away from the truck closing the door.

I looked back for a second, and I could see all of them watching me walk away, three of them looking at my ass.

I gave them the finger, and then closed the door to my house behind me. My house, listen to me, this is nothing but another place that I will be staying for a short period of time.

"About time that you got home." My father said. He was sitting at the kitchen table unpacking all of the dishes.

I didn't bother to respond to him, I just walked upstairs until I stopped in front of a door that had all of my bags in front of it. The room was huge, and had windows everywhere in it. The window lead to the roof, and I went and sat out there. The fresh air felt so amazing.

I started to get ready for the party, it was the first time I would be meeting people from here, and I wanted to make sure that my impression stood out.


I started to curl my long hair, it was amber. Brown at the top, and went down into a nice blond. The curls seemed to fall flawlessly right now. I put on a short tight blue dress. The top was cut low, and it had beeds all over it. It was tight, and I could hardly breath, but I knew that I looked good in it.

I heard my phone starting to go off in my purse, and I ran to pick it up.

"Hello? Cam?" I heard a deep voice ask.

"Yah Harry." I said.

"I am just leaving my house now, I will be there any second." He said.

"K" I said, and then hung up the phone.

I started to walk back down the stairs, and I didn't realize how late it was already, it was almost 12:00 am. I am going to a party. I said walking past my dad in the kitchen.

"The hell you are!" He said.

"Get up to your room after the stunt that you pulled today." He said.

I started to make my way back up to my room, and I could hear my fathers footsteps following behind me until he disappeared into a room that I thought was his. I opened one of the many windows in my room, and started to climb out onto the roof. Harry came running out of his car, and right below where I was on the roof.

"What are you doing?!" He asked sounding really surprised.

"shhhh!" I said starting to climb down the side of the house.

Half way down the side of the house I couldn't believe that I was doing this in heals.

I jumped the last few feet from the ground, and almost landed on Harry. I could tell he was ready to catch me if anything had happened.

"Don't do that, I thought you were going to fall!" Harry said holding has hand over his heart.

"I have done that enough times Harry, I know what I am doing." I said starting to walk over to his truck.

I pulled a bottle of vodka out of my purse, and took a huge swig of it.

"What are you doing?"  He asked looking over at me.

"Take a swig, you need to relax." I said moving the bottle to him.

He grabbed it, and took a quick swig of the clear liquid. I could see his face cringe as soon as the liquid hit his lips.

"I take it you don't drink hard liquor a lot." I said smiling, and taking the bottle back.

"No, I am more of a beer guy." He said.

"Well, you seem pretty talkative now." He said smiling at me. I had almost forgotten how rude I had been to him earlier, but that is just how I am. I rarely let new people into my life, it is just a waste of time.

"What was wrong earlier?" Harry asked.

"I want to have fun Harry please don't bring that up right now." I said.

He smiled, "We are going to have an awesome time!" He said looking over at me. It was the first actual time he had looked at me this entire time. I could see him looking up, and down me, and for some reason now I was okay with it.

I could see his eyes travel from my eyes, down to my neck, and chest, and then my legs that were crossed on his truck seat.

"You look..." He paused, and bit his lip. "Really good." He finally continued.

I laughed at him.

"Harry you can look all you want, but you aren't touching any of this." I said.

He smirked.

"That is what you think, trust me I have my ways." He said.

"Harry, I can bet you almost anything that you say that to every girl that has ever gotten into this truck."

"Only some of them, none of them as good looking as you." He said.

"You just don't take no for an answer do you?" I asked.

"No, I am pretty stubborn, you might as well give in while you have the chance." He said.

"Good luck!" I said laughing, and then winking over at him.

 We both got out of the car, and started to walk to the house, I could hear the music blaring from where we parked.




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