I'm Not Afriad

I grew up to be myself, and not care what other people think. I do what I want when I want, at least that is how it has always been... until I met him. He made me scared to feel, these feelings that I had never wanted to feel. He makes me want to break, and I have to push Harry Styles away.


1. Moving In

"I don't see why I had to move, and give up everything because you got a new job!" I said as I looked over at my father. He was still wearing his marine uniform.

"I can't help it!" He said, but he didn't even bother to take his eyes off of the road.

"Mom would of never made do something like this.." I mumbled under my breath, but I guess he could hear me.

"Yah, well she isn't here is she?" He asked. I couldn't think of any words that could justify what he had just said to me.

"Let me out of the car now!" I yelled.

"Cam don't be stupid!" He said holding his hand motioning for me to stay quiet.

"I said let me out of this fucking car right now!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. My eyes were starting to well up with tears.

He slammed on the break and with every meter we skidded I could feel the seat belt tightening on my chest. I opened the truck door, and hopped out of it. I made sure I slammed the door as hard as I could.

"Cam, you get back in the truck right now!" He said yelling me through the window. Other cars were slowing down by us watching the huge scene that I was creating.

"No, I can't believe that you said that to me!" I said. I kept on walking straight, and then he finally gave up, and drove away from me. I sat down on the side of the highway, and buried my face between my knees, and started to cry on the side of the highway.

I jumped back from the touch of something on my shoulder, I knew it was a hand right away. I automatically assumed that it was my father.

"Don't touch me, just leave, you seem to be good at that." I said.

I turned around, and there was a boy with big curly hair standing behind me. He looked a little scared of me due to my outburst.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"You looked like you needed some help?" He said.

"I don't need anything, you can leave." I said.

"You are twenty miles away from the nearest town, I think you are going to need a little bit of help." He said smiling. His little smile distracted my train of thought for only a second, but I snapped back out of it.

"So what, you just pull over and help random strangers all of the time?" I asked in an snarl.

"Only the cute ones." He said. I could just tell he was just trying to act charming, but the fake act wouldn't work on me.

"For all you know I could be some physco murderer." I said picking my purse off of the ground, and putting it up on my shoulder.

"Well are you..?" He asked.

"You don't even know my name." I said starting to walk away from him. He ran in front of me, and stopped me dead in my tracks.

"Listen, I don't know where you are from, but where I am from, you don't put your hands on a woman. Especially one that can kick your ass." I said. He took his hands off of me instantly.

"That's better.." I said.

"At least let me give you a ride to the closest town, you would freeze to death out here in clothes like that." He said. At that moment he stopped, and started to look up, and down my body.

I snapped my fingers in his face, "My face is up here!" I said.

I was starting to think about it, and then I started to walk back to his truck without him. I got in the passenger side, and waited for him to get in.

He started to say something to me, "Okay listen, I am not really in a talking mood." I said holding my hand up.

"I can tell you had been crying.. What happened?" He asked.

"I am not going to share my personal life drama with some random guy that I just met." I said looking straight forward.

He nodded his head, and started to drive down the high way.

"Where are you headed anyways?"

"Plainsville" I said.

"No way, I live there,": He said sounding excited.

"Oh great.." I said dryly.

"Man, you really aren't in a talkative mood." He said.

"I am Harry.." He said taking his one hand off of the steering wheel, and holding it up to shake mine.

"Cam." I said. I didn't bother to shake his hand, I waited for him to pull his back down, and onto the steering wheel.

I could feel my phone starting to go off in my pocket, and I knew that it was my father. I just shut my phone off.

"who was that?" Harry asked.

"Telemarketer." I said.

"If you don't mind, I have to pick up some of my buddies before I drop you off." Harry said.

I just nodded my head, and played with the strings on my purse.

We stopped in the town, in front of a huge house, it almost seemed like 50 people must of lived in it at a time. Only four boys walked out of it, and they.. well they were all really attractive is the word that I will use.

"Woah, Harry who is this" One with a thin face said, and then growled up at me. I rolled my eyes, and said "Ew".

"You might want to stay your distance from this one Louis." Harry said smiling over at me.

"So where do you need to go?" Harry asked me, but I honestly had no clue.

"I honestly don't know, today is when I was suppose to move here.." I said. I remembered that I had a picture of the house on my phone.

I pulled it out, and showed Harry the picture. "Oh, you are about a block that way." He said, and then pulled out of the lane way, and took off down the street.




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