Madison was walking around town when she witnessed a murder.He walked away with the body.Then everything went black...


1. Taken

I was just saying 'bye' to my friends. We had just one to the movies, I started to walk home, I always use a path, that gets me home quicker. It's dangerous but I use it anyways. There is an alley way behind a couple of shops. Then there is a little walkway/street behind it, then the woods. No one really goes into the woods only for hunting and camping. There is a cabin somewhere out there, well that's what people say.

I was walking in the back of an empty parking lot considering it was late at night. My hands in the pockets of my jean jacket, and my just strolling along. I heard grunts and people punching, and yelling. I couldn't really hear what they were saying. I hid behind a tree only my head poking out not aware of why was happening.

They sounded like they were saying something like 'you ran out of time..." And then I heard 'and you still don't have the money. '.

Was it a drug dealer thing going on? I had no idea. I saw someone come out of the alley way. They looked like they had a body, they were looking around suspiciously. The they walked into the woods. I was standing behind the tree the entire time only a little bit of my head showing.

I decided to try and run for the open street and just take the long way home. I was really nervous. I was just about to run when something got my head and everything went black.


Sorry it's a short chapter. It's just the interdiction.. I am already starting another chapter and I have more books coming out! So be on the lookout for those. I also have other books for you guys. I'm updating one of them soon and the other is completed which is called 'High School Loving'. So check it out I thought it was adorable! So yah bye!


I won't be doing these often.

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