The Odd Life of Emily Bradley

This is MY story

Of how I survived


2. When I was 4

So when my aunt died from car crash my mom was depressed and wouldn't eat nor talk. So on April 24, 2002 my mother wrote a not saying she loved me and next to the note I found her hanging from the ceiling. After that I ran to the police not know what to do or what the note said. I tried to wake her up but I didn't understand at the time. I called my dad and told him what she looked like and he began to cry. He called the police and took me and my sister Kayla at the time was 10 to my grandmothers on my dads side. We stayed there for a week and my sister was crying and everytime I would comfort her she would push me away and go to my grandparents attach. After the week went my father came home and told my grandmother that he was picking us up. He was drunk as hell but then again I didn't understand at the time what was going on so I ran to him and hugged his leg and I kicked me off slamming me into a wall. I can't tell you how much of the pain I was in. The my sister picked me up and ran up the room and my father chased after her. My grandmother tried to stop him but he punched her in the face and couldn't stop him. My grandfather was deaf and didn't know what was going on so he was sound asleep. So finally after my father chasing me and my sister up and down stairs he finally caught us and took us in his car. When we got home my sister ran to her room and cried. I just walked with my dad as he smoked. I sat down at the table with him smiling. I remembered he asked me "what are you happy about?!" And I told him "I just love you daddy" and I never will forget what he said to me "yeah well I don't love you and nobody ever will in your life" and I still think that and believe that every single day in my life since that very day.

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