The Odd Life of Emily Bradley

This is MY story

Of how I survived


3. On my 7th birthday

It was 2 days before my 7th birthday and my sister was so excited to what she was gonna get me. She knows I love to sing so I went in her closet to look for my present but I found something much horrible then that. I found a bag and thought my present was in there but it was actually drugs, pills, needles, weed,cigs, and all that stuff. I picked up the bag and dropped it cause the bag was open and my sister walked in. Looking angry as hell. She told me to get out and then slapped me. It was worse then when my dad hit me cause I dropped my books causing him to wake up. Cause she was my sister and she always said she would protect me but she hit me 2 days before my birthday. I cried that night never forgetting what I saw in the closet.

•skip to 7th birthday•

So it was the happiest day in my life. Of course my sister was still mad so I made me some cereal and my sister got the decorations for the park. The worst part was my dad was coming and all my friends! Well I only had atleast 3 friends. Jackie, Hennie,and Jackson. When my birthday party came I still have it in the room that I'm living in now it was a silver dress with white shoes and a cute little bow. Anyways when my birthday came my friends came and we played and eat then my dad showed up. When me and Jackie were running I fell and blacked out or so my sister told me. Then she told me that my dad and her where fighting about not waiting on him and he had bruises everywhere. It was the worst birthday ever. I still have the gift my mother gave to me it was a diary and she told me whenever I have a bad day or just get really angry then I should write it down and let it get off my chest. I've never wrote in it only once that was when I had my 7th birthday. But i hardly remember that day. My sister just told me in the past and Jackie told me a little before she left the party. I'm glad I didn't remember it cause it was the worst party I've ever had.

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