The Odd Life of Emily Bradley

This is MY story

Of how I survived


5. My first cut

Well I was about 12 and it hit middle school which was hell and all the kids hated me. Jackie was head cheerleader so she cut me off and then I heard by my friend Zoe that cutting solves everything and darling I'm here to tell you that it's not. It felt great at first when I did it and then it kicked in and hurt like hell. And people think I'm attention hore I think is what they say but hey asshole why would I cut for attention when it hurts like hell. That's pretty dumb if you hurt yourself just to do it. It's not cute it's not funny nor is it "cool" I wish I would have never cut because it's unattractive, it's embarrassing, and it's sad to think of the memories. Well that's it I love y'all and big shoutout to the people who care and want to be there thank you so very much. I love you.


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