The Edge Of Desire [Luke Hemmings and 5SOS]

When EIghteen Year Old College Student Ryan (RY) McDaniels Moved To London With Her Mother and Sister, Mary, They Seemed that The Past Would Disappear. Now that Ryan is Attending College She thought it would be freedom, and With her Mother and Her New Job, things Were going Good. But Come College Semester and things Took a turn.
Alli Hemmings was, A Rebel, Party girl and Had fun, the Complete opposite of Sweet and Shy Ryan. When Ryan Joins the taste of Alli's Life, Nothing was the Same. Party's Every Day, Different Guys EVery Night, RYan FInally Got what SHe Hoped for. But Meeting Ashton, Calum and Mikey were just the beginning. Tattoos, Piercings and FIghts, And Alli's Big Brother, Luke Hemmings, Dark Boy with a Bad Reputation.

"Sometimes you are Tempted to Do things, But when it's nothing you expected, It Can Be A Journey through Hell"


1. 1

SO I hope you like this Fan Fiction, I kinda got an Idea in English and I just Wrote it. I really Hope you Like it.
Main Characters-
>Ryan (Ry) McDaniels (Girl) - Hannah Marks
>Alli Hemmings -Ashley Benson
>Ashton Irwin -Himself
>Luke Hemmings -Punk Himself
>Calum Hood - Punk Himself
>Mikey Clifford -Punk himself
>Mary (Ry's Sister) - Mackenzie Foy
Plot: Bad Boys Luke Craves the Bad Boy Life, Ryan doesnt Like The Party Life, But New Best friend Alli does.....
Iam Kinda Looking for someone to make a Trailer for me so If You Can That Be great. 
Basically who I see Ryan as is a Sweet innocent girl, but is kinda hiding a secret behind the smile, so Really anybody could play her role, But I just choose Hannah Because she fit.


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