Fearless (OTH) (S1)

This is my first shot at a One Tree Hill story. I hope you guys like it. :) I don't own anything except my OCs. This is a Nathan/OC story.


8. Chapter 8

I woke up the next morning and decided that I would go for a drive through town. I got up, showered, grabbed my bag, and headed to my car. As I was driving through town, I came across Dan, Deb, and Nathan arguing. I saw Nathan walk off, and decided to pick him up.

“Hey sexy. Need a ride?” I asked as I rolled my window to look at him.

 “Yeah, thanks Kris.” Nathan replied as he got in my car.

As I drove off, I noticed that something was up with Nathan. I didn’t know if I should ask him about or not, but I decided to ask.

“Is everything ok Nathan?” I asked as I stopped at a red light.

“Not really Kris. My mom made us go to therapy, and my dad got mad. They couldn’t stop arguing enough for anything. Why the hell can’t they get along?” Nathan replied as we headed to my house.

“I don’t know Nathan, but if it gets too crazy at your house, you know you’re always welcome here.” I said back as I pulled up to my house.

“I know and thanks again Kris.” Nathan said as we walked into my house.

“Anytime Nate.” I said back before Nathan kissed me.

I kissed back and that went on for quite some time till Nathan went home. I was happy that I made him somewhat happier today, but then again, I don’t know what else happened before I got there. I went up to my room, showered, changed into my pajamas, and went to bed, but not before answering a text from Lucas.

Hey Kris. Sorry we didn’t hang. I promise that we’ll hang tomorrow. I love you sis.

I texted back and told him that he didn’t have to worry because I wasn’t mad at him, and that I would see him at school. I went to sleep without a second thought, and woke up to my mom screaming. I bolted out of bed and ran down the stairs. I saw some dude standing in our kitchen.

“Get the hell out of our house!” I growled as I stepped in front of my mom.

“What’s a pretty girl like you going to do about it if I don’t?” the dude asked as he stepped further into the house.

“She said get out, and that’s what you’re going to do.” Nathan said as him and his dad came into the house as well.

I was happy to see them, and Dan took out the dude, while Nathan and I helped my mom. She finally shooed us away, and I told her that I would keep my phone on if she needed me. Nathan drove us to school, and I was pretty much quiet all day.

“You ok girl?” Haley asked as we entered the tutoring center.

“Yeah girl, I’m fine.” I replied with a small smile.

Our conversation was cut off after that because Nathan came in and sat at the table with me. Haley left, but I knew something was off because she looked back at us before walking out the door.

“Hey. How are you holding up?” Nathan asked as he sat his stuff down, and sat next to me.

“I don’t know Nate. I don’t know who that guy was or why he was even there, but I’m glad that you and your dad were there because I don’t know what would’ve happened if you guys weren’t.” I replied honestly because that’s how I was really feeling.

“I’ll always be here for you Kris, no matter what happens.” Nathan said as he held my hand.

“Thanks Nathan. That really means a lot to me.” I said before he kissed me.

I’m so thankful that he’s in my life, but I feel bad for lying to Lucas and Haley, but I know that I will tell them soon enough. School ended and Nathan drove me home. We kissed and he waited till I got in the house.

“I’m so sorry sweetheart. I didn’t know that, that was going to happen.” my mom said as she hugged me.

I hugged her back and told her that everything would be ok, and that we would get through this like we always do. We decided that I would stay home from school the next day and I was fine with that. The next day, my mom and were just hanging out, laughing, when there was a knock on the door.

“It’s Nathan mom. He texted me and told me that he was coming over.” I said as I noticed my mom’s face expression.

She relaxed and I let Nathan in, but not before he kissed me. We all sat around and goofed off. My mom decided that she was going to see one of her friends. I told her to be careful and to call me, so I know she got there safe. She told me that she would and that she wanted me to lock the doors. I told her that I would, and when she left, Nathan hugged me tight.

“How did I get so lucky?” I asked as I leaned back into Nathan.

“I don’t know. You just did.” Nathan replied before kissing the top of my head.

We headed up to my room and watched movies till Nathan had to go home. I was sad that he had to leave, but I knew that I would see him tomorrow at school. I woke up the next morning, showered, and got ready to school. I was in the tutoring center waiting on Nathan, and right as I was about to pack my bags, Nathan walked in the door. I was happy that he was here, but I knew that he needed some more time with everything going on. We decided to skip school, and I know that my mom would probably flip, but then again, I don’t think she would because she knows that I need some time myself.

We hung out for the rest of the day, and then he took me home. We kissed before he left to go talk to Whitey. I’m hoping that he decides to play ball again. I know he misses it, but I also know that his dad is putting too much pressure on him.

The next few days at school were normal, I guess, but then again, every day is exactly the same. One night, Nathan came by and told me something that I thought I wouldn’t hear.

“Is everything ok Nathan?” I asked as we sat on my bed. Nathan’s duffle bag was by my door, and I was getting a little worried.

“Yeah, Kris, everything is fine. I just wanted to tell you that I quit the team.” Nathan replied as he looked over at me.

“I’m sorry to hear that.” I said back as I placed my hand on his arm.

We talked for quite some time before we decided to get some sleep. My mom was ok with Nathan staying over because she knew that we weren’t going to do anything.

“Night Nathan.” I said as I curled against Nathan.

“Night Kristi.” Nathan said back as he tightened his grip on me.


Kristi's outfit for driving around town: http://www.polyvore.com/kristis_outfit_for_driving_around/set?id=92623385&lid=1978885

Kristi's school outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/kristis_outfit_to_school_ch.8/set?id=92734030&lid=1978885

Kristi's school outfit 2: http://www.polyvore.com/kristis_outfit_to_school_ch.8/set?id=92746757&lid=1978885

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