Fearless (OTH) (S1)

This is my first shot at a One Tree Hill story. I hope you guys like it. :) I don't own anything except my OCs. This is a Nathan/OC story.


6. Chapter 6

I woke up the next morning, did my routine, and headed out the door, only to be greeted by my dad.

“Be home right after school. We need to talk.” my dad said without even looking up from the paper.

“Whatever. I don’t know why you’re here, but you’re not my dad.” I growled as I walked out the door.

I was beyond pissed when I got to school, but that changed when Nathan pulled me into an empty classroom, and kissed me. I giggled as he pulled away, and he said he would kiss me later. I laughed at that as he left the room. That boy drives me crazy. I just hope that he doesn’t meet my dad, if you can call him that. Mom must’ve given in to him, again. She keeps telling me that she won’t give in to him, but I don’t believe her. I ran into Haley when I left the room.

“Did I miss something?” she asked as she looked at me.

“No, not at all.” I replied with a smile.

“Sure.” Haley said with a grin.

“Shut up.” I laughed as I lightly shoved her.

Haley laughed too as we headed off to class. School went by pretty quick, and when I got home, my mom was waiting for me.

“Where have you been?” my mom asked as she got up from the table.

“I was at school. Where else would I be?” I asked back.

“Don’t use that tone with your mother.” my dad said as he got up as well.

“Stay out of this.” I growled.

My dad smirked at me, grabbed my wrist, dragged me to my room, threw me in it, grabbed a belt, and started to whip me. I don’t mean like spanking, I mean whip me like he actually had a whip.

He whipped me a few time before breaking my phone and leaving my room. I whimpered before getting up, taking a shower, and going to bed. I was going after school to get a new phone.

I woke up the next morning, did my routine, grabbed my stuff, and walked out the door without a word. I went to school, and the day seemed to fly by because the next thing I know, I’m driving Lucas, Haley, and I to a phone store. I told them everything, and they both said that I could stay with them.

“I’ll be fine guys. I know how to bear it, but if it gets too bad then I’m calling you.” I said as I purchased an IPhone.

“You better, but just to be safe, I’m staying over tonight.” Haley said.

Lucas and I agreed, so I drove Lucas home, then drove Haley to her house to get some clothes, and then drove us to my house. I had already called Nathan and told him that I couldn’t tutor him tonight, and I guessed he knew why because he said that if I needed him then just call. I told him I would, and we hung up.

“Where the hell have you been?!” my dad yelled as Haley and I walked through the door.

“I went and got a new phone, since someone broke mine.” I replied as we headed to my room.

My dad stayed quiet for the rest of the night, but I knew it was only an act because Haley was here. What he didn’t know was that Haley was staying here for a few nights. That was enough time to get any dirt on my dad, so we could get rid of him.

Haley and I woke up the next morning, showered, dressed, grabbed our stuff, and headed to school. I had planted cameras all over the house, thanks to my private detective. My dad would be in jail before I came home. My day was better because Peyton came into the tutoring center to talk to us, and Haley made a joke, which Peyton laughed at, which in turn made me laugh.

I went home, and found out that my dad was arrested for domestic violence. I was extremely happy, and went to my room to change clothes for the game that night.

When I got to the school, I went to find Nathan, but when I did, we got into it because he was being an ass. I mean, I can handle him, but come on. He’s been acting weird all week, but maybe it’s just the game. I walked away from him, and went to find Haley.

As I was watching the game, I couldn’t help but feel like something was wrong. I’ve had this feeling before, but I shrugged it off, like I’m doing now because Nathan just fouled a guy. He was pissed, but was freaking out when Nathan passed out. Keith had Haley drive me home and he would follow us because he didn’t want me behind the wheel with the way I was at the moment, which was a good idea.

Haley drove me home, and I waited patiently for Nathan to either come by or call me. I couldn’t shake the feeling that something bad was happening right at that moment, but I didn’t care about anything until I knew that Nathan was ok. I called his phone and was about to leave him a voicemail when I turned around and saw him standing at my door. I was happy that he was ok, but he didn’t look too good, but he needed a hug, so I gave him one.

We talked for a while before I stopped him by kissing him. We both smiled and I told him that he could stay. I went to the kitchen and got Nathan a bottle of water because I knew that his throat was really dry.

“Kristi, I’m really sorry for what your father did, but I thought that he really had changed.” my mom said as she stopped me in the kitchen.

“It’s ok mom. You thought what he wanted you to think, but now you can live your life and think the way you want to think.” I said back as I headed back up to my room.

I gave Nathan the bottle of water and sat on my bed.

“Good night Kristi.” Nathan said as I shut off the lights.

“Good night Nathan.” I said back as we curled up on my bed.

I don’t remember much of the night except that Nathan and I cuddled and that was pretty much it. I don’t really care as long as he doesn’t take advantage of me. What he doesn’t know is that I’m still a you-know-what. I want my first time to be special, so we’ll see how this goes. Well, I guess this is good night world.


Kristi's school outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/kristis_outfit_to_school_ch.6/set?id=62548841&lid=1978885

Kristi's outfit to the game: http://www.polyvore.com/kristis_outfit_to_game_ch.6/set?id=62550851&lid=1978885

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