Fearless (OTH) (S1)

This is my first shot at a One Tree Hill story. I hope you guys like it. :) I don't own anything except my OCs. This is a Nathan/OC story.


4. Chapter 4

The next day at school, Nathan asked me if I was going to the game, and I told him yes. He also told me that he had something that he wanted to ask me, but before he could, Lucas and Haley walked up to us, and stole me away from him. I tried to reach Nathan all day, but Haley or Lucas kept taking my phone. Sabrina surprised me that afternoon when she told me that we were riding the bus with the boys to the game. She sweet talked her uncle, who happens to be Coach Whitey, into letting us ride the bus. She was jumping up and down when we stepped on the bus. I took the seat next to Nathan, and he moved so I could see out the window. Lucky for me that Sabrina sat in front of me with Tim.

I pulled out my phone and started listening to music. We got to the school, and Sabrina was super excited.

“What’s up with you girl?” I asked as I got off the bus.

Sabrina didn’t answer, but ran after Tim. I followed her and sat next to Haley.

“You came.” I said excitedly.

“Yeah. I decided to come support my friends.” Haley said back with a smile.

I hugged her and started watching the teams warm up. Nathan came in front of me, nodded my way, and went back to practice.

“What was that about?” Haley asked.

“Nothing, or at least I think it was nothing.” I replied as I gave both Lucas and Nathan a smile.

The game was interesting to say the least. Nathan and Lucas got into a fight and got thrown out of the game. I was shocked, but I had no idea what was said between the two. I felt bad for Brooke because she had two big boys on top of her, and they ended up hurting her ankle. On the bus ride home, the bus driver pulled the bus off the side of the road. Whitey made Lucas and Nathan stand up and lectured them about working together, but Nathan said that he didn’t see that happening, so Whitey kicked them off the bus. I went with them because who knows what they might do to each other.

Nathan threw a fit, and I tried not to laugh. We started walking, and I made sure that I was between the two of them.

“You should’ve stayed on the bus, Kris.” Lucas said as he looked at me.

“I know Luke, but did you really think that I would leave you out here with Nathan?” I asked as I looked at him.

“You’re right.” Lucas replied back with a smile.

“I know I am.” I said back with a laugh.

Lucas and Nathan both started laughing, and that made me smile more. As we kept walking, the boys started arguing, until this car drove past us, stopped, and called Nathan over. Nathan walked over to the car and was pulled in. The car backed up and stopped in front of us. It was some players from the other team. They threatened to kill Nathan if we didn’t get in the car. We got in and I ended up being pulled into the player’s, which was sitting close to Nathan, lap.

“You’re hot. What’s your name?” he asked as we drove off.

“None of your damn business.” I replied.

“This one’s feisty. I like that. I think we’ll keep you around for some fun.” the player said as he gripped me tight.

I grimaced in pain, and stole a look from both Lucas and Nathan. We pulled up to a gas station, and Nathan said that this was his stop.

“This one’s funny. Let’s kill him last.” the player that held me said as the driver turned around.

The driver pulled out a gun, and the player, who claims that his name is Thing 3, told Nathan and Lucas to strip because they were going shopping. I couldn’t help the giggle that slipped from my lips, and that earned glares from both Lucas and Nathan, but Thing 3 just smirked.

While the boys were inside shopping, Thing 3 was hitting on me, again.

“Why are you with these losers? You should hang with us.” Thing 3 said as he tried to unzip my jacket.

I slapped his hand away before replying, “I live in Tree Hill. Those boys are my friends, and I would like it if you would quit trying to rape me.”

Thing 3 was about to say something, but the boys came back out. I was happy for that, but smacked my head on the door, when the driver peeled out of the parking lot.

“Damn it that hurt.” I growled as I held my head.

We pulled into a wooded area and ducked down as the cops drove by. The 3 guys made all of us get out of the car, and told Lucas and Nathan that they had to beat the hell out of each other for their clothes and a ride to a phone. Thing 3 made sure that I stayed close to him by keeping an arm around my waist. I gave the boys a pleading look because I was scared that Thing 3 would actually try to rape me. Nathan and Lucas started fighting, but I was really shocked when Nathan took the keys out of the car, demanding that the 3 guys give them their clothes back for the keys.

One of the guys wasn’t going to take the deal, but the others talked him into it, and they started throwing Nathan and Lucas their clothes, while Nathan threw them one key at a time. I pulled away from Thing 2 and stood in between Lucas and Nathan. There was one key left and one piece of clothing left, Nathan’s shirt. Nathan said that he could live without his shirt, threw the key into the woods, and we took off running. We ran behind some bushes and watched as the 3 guys tried to find the key. I laughed when Nathan showed us that he had the key. I lightly shoved both of them when their arguing got on my nerves.

“Look, right now, you two are going to have to get along. I’m freezing and want to go home, so shut up and let’s get out of here.” I whispered as I wrapped my jacket tighter around me.

We ran to the car, jumped in, Nathan started the car, but it wouldn’t move because it was stuck, so we decided to bail, and took off running. We ended up hiding in the bushes, again, and waited until the 3 guys left. I was sitting next to Nathan, and I was freezing. I think Nathan noticed because he pulled me to him. I snuggled into him, and reached for Lucas’ hand. I needed both Scott brothers and they needed me. I listened as they talked about Dan, and I was happy that they were getting along.

We decided that we would face the 3 guys head on, actually, Lucas and Nathan decided on that. I didn’t, but I could hold my own if it came down to it. We started walking, well, the boys started walking, I was getting a piggy back ride from Nathan. They talked about me and those guys, but it was nice that they were getting along. Lucas stopped Nathan from walking, turned around, and motioned that a car was coming. Nathan let me down, and when the car got closer, we saw that it was Peyton, Brooke, and Haley. We got in Peyton’s car, and I ended up sitting in Nathan’s lap. I snuggled into him, and closed my eyes because I was so freaking tired.

Peyton dropped everyone off except Nathan and I. She drove us to Nathan’s house, who then drove me home.

“Thanks for the ride Nathan.” I said as I turned to look at him.

“Anytime Kristi.” Nathan said back with a smile.

I got out, went inside, went straight to my room, took a shower, got into my pajamas, and crashed on my bed. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. Tonight was a wild night, and I hoped that nothing like that happened again. One can hope, right?


Kristi's outfit to school and the game: http://www.polyvore.com/kristis_outfit_to_school_game/set?id=62187666&lid=1978885

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