Fearless (OTH) (S1)

This is my first shot at a One Tree Hill story. I hope you guys like it. :) I don't own anything except my OCs. This is a Nathan/OC story.


17. Chapter 17

I woke up the next morning with Nathan next to me. It’s been two weeks since everything happened, and yes, I went to the doctor, and the other test I had to take came back negative as well. He went home last night, but he ended up coming back over because Tim keeps throwing parties at his house. I felt bad for him, but I also told him that he needed to tell Tim that all the partied needed to stop because you never know when the police may show up. We went to school and when I got to my locker, Haley came up to me and asked me something I was shocked for her to ask.

“So… Nathan and I are throwing a party at his house and it’s going to be just our close friends, and I was wondering if you wanted to go?” Haley asked as she looked at me.

“Well, I’m glad you guys are getting closer, but I wish you would stop acting like you are dating, but sure, I’ll come.” I replied with a fake smile before I walked off to my class.

I know I sound like a bitch, but the way she worded it makes me wonder if something is going on between them, again. I went through the day without any problems, which is weird because normally, someone comes to me for help, but I’m not complaining. After school, Sabrina and I went shopping for our outfits.

“So… what’s been going on with you and Nathan?” Sabrina asked, and I knew what she meant.

“The usual.” I replied.

“You’re telling me that nothing is happening between the two of you.” Sabrina said as we were walking to our cars.

“That’s exactly what I’m telling you, and after everything that happened a few weeks ago, it will be quite a while before I think of doing that.” I said with a shudder.

Sabrina hugged me and we promised to meet up at the party. I went home, showered, changed clothes, and waited on Sabrina because she texted me and told me that we should ride together. I was glad that she was feeling better, and I’m also glad that I have her because I would be completely lost without her. Sabrina came and got me and then we were off to Nathan’s house. When we got there, we saw a lot of people that we didn’t know.

“Haley, who are most of these people?” I asked as I looked around.

“I don’t know, but who cares. It’s a party, right?” Haley replied as she went off somewhere.

Sabrina and I let it slide and just enjoyed the party. I was getting worried about Nathan because he had yet to show, but I saw that Brooke came, and that she brought a guest.

“Why are you sitting over here by yourself for?” Brooke asked as she walked over to me.

“Don’t really feel like being run into girl. I’m glad you could make it.” I replied as I stood up to hug Brooke.

“Same here. Oh, Kristi, this is my new friend, Nicki. Nicki, this is my best friend, Kristi.” Brooke said as she introduced us.

“Nice to meet you.” Nicki and I said at the same time.

We laughed at that and then we just sat around and goofed off until Sabrina came over and dragged me over to Lucas, Peyton, Haley, and Tim. Sabrina then explained that Nicki was Jake’s baby momma, and I almost dropped my drink. Then Brooke and Nicki came over, and that led to Peyton and Nicki getting into a fight. Lucas, Brooke, and Tim finally broke them apart, and then Nicki said something about Lucas defending his women, but that it should include someone else. We were all confused, and I was about to ask him about it, but Peyton beat me to it.

“What did she mean by that? Someone else?” Peyton asked as we all waited for the answer.

Lucas hesitated, but finally replied, “She’s the girl I met in the bar.”

We were all shocked to say the least, but both Peyton and Brooke left, and that’s when Nathan came in. I tried to get to him, but Haley got to him first, and I cringed when I saw her hug him.

“Whose apartment is this?” a police officer asked as we all looked to him.

Everyone stayed quiet, and just stared at the two police officers.

“It’s not going to be hard to figure out. Why don’t you save us some time?” the officer said as he looked at all of us.

“All right, it’s mine.” Nathan said as I asked, “Did we do something wrong, officers?” Nathan grabbed my hand, and I gave his a squeeze.

“Everyone else, get out of here before we start checking IDs.” the officer said. He then pulled out a paper and pen, and started writing.

“What are you doing?” Nathan asked.

“Writing you a citation.” the officer replied.

“Me? I didn’t do anything.” Nathan said back, and that’s when Sabrina pulled me back because she knew where this was headed.

“Underage drinking, disturbing the peace.” the officer said.

“Sir, he had nothing to do with this. He just got here.” Lucas said, while trying to defend Nathan.

“It’s his apartment, it’s his responsibility.” the officer said to Lucas.

Sabrina had pulled me out of the house before I could see what else happened, but I did know that Nathan got arrested because the cop car was parked next to Sabrina’s. Sabrina took me home, but Lucas and Haley came to get me, and we headed to the jail to pick Nathan up. When we got there, Dan was giving Nathan a hard time, so Lucas stepped in, but that resulted in harsh words being said, and then Dan left. Lucas told Nathan that we would drive him home, but Nathan said that he wanted to be dropped off with me. I was happy about that because then we could talk.

“Weird night, huh?” I asked as we went to my room.

“Yeah, and I’m glad that I got dropped off here.” Nathan replied.

“And why’s that?” I asked.

Nathan didn’t reply, but he kissed me. I kissed him back, and then we went to bed. I knew that we had a long day ahead of us tomorrow, and I knew that there would be drama all around after tonight.


Kristi's outfit to school: http://www.polyvore.com/kristis_outfit_to_school_ch/set?id=118045068&lid=1978885

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Kristi and Sabrina's party outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/kristi_sabrinas_party_outfit_ch.17/set?id=118417580&lid=1978885

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