Fearless (OTH) (S1)

This is my first shot at a One Tree Hill story. I hope you guys like it. :) I don't own anything except my OCs. This is a Nathan/OC story.


13. Chapter 13

I woke up the next morning and got ready for school. I didn’t really feel like going, but I knew that I had too because Brooke texted me last night and told me that she wanted to talk to me. I knew what it was about, but she knew that I knew, and she also knew that I didn’t tell her because it wasn’t my place. I don’t know if she’s mad at me, but I’ll know when I get to school. When I got to school, Brooke came up to my car.

“I just wanted to thank you.” Brooke said as soon as I got out of my car.

“Thank me. For what?” I asked as I looked at her funny.

“For not being a backstabbing bitch and for dropping hints about Lucas and Peyton.” Brooke replied.

I was shocked to say the least, but I did what I knew was right. I kept dropping little hints, but Brooke was too into Lucas to see them. I know it’s wrong but what Peyton and Lucas did was worse.

“It was no problem Brooke. You’re one of my friends, and I’ll do anything to protect you.” I said back with a smile.

Brooke smiled back and we headed into school. The day went pretty well, and I even got asked to join the cheerleading squad. Brooke wants me to join, and since Sabrina is on it, she wants me too as well. I told them that I would think about it, and Brooke got my size just in case. I love these girls to death, but I worry about them. I went home and was changing clothes, when I heard glass shattering. I slowly went to check it out, and saw my dad and a couple of other people. I hid myself and listened to their conversation.

“What are we looking for?” one of the guys asked.

“We’re looking for something to get back at my ex-wife. We’re also here to get my daughter, but if you idiots don’t be quiet, then she’ll hear us.” my dad growled back.

I slowly went back to my room, grabbed my stuff, climbed out my window, and ran to Nathan’s. I knew he would be there, and I was right when he opened the door.

“What’s wrong Kris?” Nathan asked as we went to his room.

“My dad and some of his friends broke into the house. I overheard them talking, and I got out of there as quietly as I could.” I replied as we sat on his bed.

“I’m glad you did, and you can stay here as long as you need.” Nathan said back as he hugged me.

“Thanks Nate.” I said back as I hugged him back.

I let Nathan go back to playing his video game, and we were laughing until Deb came in, and wanted to talk to Nathan. I went to the bathroom, and when I came out, I heard everything between Deb and Nathan.

“I don’t want to keep secrets from you, Nathan… so I’m telling you this because I love you… and because I think you deserve the truth.” Deb started.

I had no idea what she was talking about, but I heard the TV shut off, so I knew that Nathan had turned it off so he could listen to his mom. I know it’s wrong of me to listen in, but I’m worried about Nathan, and maybe this will give me the answers I need.

“A while ago… your father and I were having serious trouble… and I met someone else. I left your father to be with this man.” Deb said.

“When?” Nathan asked.

“A few years back. You were at basketball camp for the summer.” Deb replied.

“When I came back, Dad told me you were on a business trip.” Nathan said.

“Please understand, I was confused, and I was selfish. As soon as I realized I might risk losing you forever… I called it all off and came back. Nathan, I have never forgiven myself. You don’t understand how hard it’s been to live with this guilt.” Deb said, while trying to reason with Nathan.

“Hard for you? That was a nightmare that summer, Mom. You know that. All those nights I called you to tell you how he was… you didn’t come home, because you were with some guy. Don’t you see what you did? You gave me to him, Mom. You knew exactly how he was, and you made me Dad’s property.” Nathan started and I knew that he was trying to hold himself together, but he wasn’t do too good of a job.

“I never thought...” Deb started but Nathan interrupted her.

“Everything he’s turned me into, all of this (Nathan’s pointing around his room)… This is all your fault.” Nathan finished.

“That’s why I came home. For you.” Deb said, trying to get through to Nathan.

“No, you didn’t come home for me, Mom. You came home because your fling ended.” Nathan said as he was throwing clothes into a bag.

I finally stepped into the doorway, when Nathan said, “Just forget it. I don’t wanna be a part of this family anymore.” Nathan then came to me, grabbed my hand, and we left to go to the café.

I was a little uncomfortable while Nathan and Haley were talking, but that cleared up when Nathan came over to the table that I was at. He told me that Haley was going to help out as much as she can, but she also needed my help. I went to help her, and after all of our research, we went to talk to a lawyer, and he took Nathan’s case. Nathan and I headed over to his “mother’s” house, so he could give her the paper.

“You did the right thing, Nathan.” I said as Nathan got back into his car, to take me home, but he was staying with me just in case, and I was changing the locks, again, and putting in an alarm system.

“I know, and thanks for being there for me.” Nathan said back as we were walking inside my house.

“I’m always here for you, no matter what.” I said as we started fixing everything.

We finally got everything finished around midnight, and we decided to crash. I curled against Nathan, and we fell asleep pretty quickly. I’m happy that Nathan and I are back on good terms, but I’m scared now because I don’t know what my dad was looking for, or why he wants me. I hope we never have to find out.


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