How my life changed

Elena lives to sing and she wants to be a model too along with her friends Caroline and Bonnie what happens when Elena and the girls meet one direction will they be able to keep their secret from them or will it spill out


2. where it all started

Elena's pov

I wake up its Monday school I not looking forward to today. I get ready for school with head phones in my ears listening to my favourite song teenage dirtbag covered by one direction I love this song I put it on replay. I say my goodbyes then head off to school in my cherry red ford fiesta. At school I meet up with Bonnie and Caroline at are lookers. We all have different classes at the start of the the day I head off to my first class which is music. It's my favourite subject it's the start of the year so new teacher. The new teachers name is miss cherry she seems nice.We pick new seats like every year I sit in the same spot at the back but don't get me wrong I like music class just don't like sitting at the front. After that the day passes by slowly but after school I was meant to meet up with Bonnie and Caroline at our main hang out spot but they didn't show up.So I went home and done some of my homework.

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