How my life changed

Elena lives to sing and she wants to be a model too along with her friends Caroline and Bonnie what happens when Elena and the girls meet one direction will they be able to keep their secret from them or will it spill out


4. Londen

Caroline's pov

When we got on the plane I sat furthest from the window, Bonnie sat in the middle and Elena say next to the window. Once we where seated we took off London here we come. As soon as I could I put my earphones in and listen to my music when I looked over at Elena and Bonnie they had their earphones in. about 5 minutes of listening to my music I looked at Elena and she was asleep wow she must have needed it. After that I think I drifted off into a sleep too.

Bonnie's pov

We got on the plane and I sat in the middle, Elena is sitting next to the window and Caroline on my other side. We all put are earphones in when the plane took off. After about 5 minutes into the plane ride Elena fell asleep, I looked at Caroline 2 minutes later she was asleep haha. I sat on my phone for a bit then I wanted some sleep.

Elena's pov

When we landed I was awake the girls where still asleep. I woke them both up and told them we are in London. They both woke up insanely we got of the plane very quickly. We got in a cab because none of us had cars in London but we had sold our car before we left so we could get one when we could. When we got to the house we payed the cab and we all ran inside to find the best bedroom. I got a baby blue one, Caroline got a light pink one and Bonnie got a peach one I liked the colour but blue is better. We unpacked all of our clothes and meet up in the kitchen. C "can you believe hoe big this place is" me and Bonnie looked at each other and laughed. E "well we need to pay for it if we want to keep it let's go job hunting on the internet" they both agreed. We ran up to our bedrooms and got our laptops. I looked up singing and modelling I found and opening for a singing company. I also found three modelling spots I called the girls and asked if we should try out. They said yes and is put our names down we had to meet the manager tomorrow at the candy lips company. We got all excited Caroline ran up to her bedroom to find and outfit. Me and Bonnie where going to wear what we got from streaky surf & style. I was pretty tired so I went up and had a shower. After having a shower I put new sheets and a quilt cover on my queen size bed. I went and said good night to the girls and said I would see them in the morning

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