How my life changed

Elena lives to sing and she wants to be a model too along with her friends Caroline and Bonnie what happens when Elena and the girls meet one direction will they be able to keep their secret from them or will it spill out


3. a good surprise

Elena's pov

So today wake up to find out that we are moving to londen but I also find out that I'm moving with Bonnie and Caroline not with my auntie so that's a bonus so today me and the girls will find a house. "Hey babe how are you?" Caroline greeted me "I'm great babe what about you?" I replied "I'm awesome I can't believe we are moving to London together" C "nether can I is Bonnie here yet"E "No but she shouldn't be long we can start looking without her"C. I walked inside and we headed straight to the laptop and Caroline was right it wasn't long before Bonnie showed up. "Hey babe how are you?" Me and Caroline greeted her. "I'm great can you guy believe we are moving to London together" she replied. "No but we won't be moving if we don't pick out a house" I replied. We went straight to work after that. There where a few houses I liked but then we found a good house it had a pool, spa, a surfing beach not far from the house, two story, 4 bedrooms with on-sweets and a walk in robe. It was perfect. "What do u think of this one" Caroline asked did she have to. Me and Bonnie replied "yes!! It's perfect." We all smiled and looked at the price it was affordable if we all had good jobs but we looked and we could pay it of slowly so we said we would take it.

The next day.

We all get up early and start packing the stuff we need and we leave the stuff we don't need in the same place. We have all are clothes and all of are belongings in boxes or bag ready to be sent over then we have some clothes ready for tomorrow when we leave. Tomorrow is also graduation so we will be in college or finding jobs in London for next year. For lunch I text Caroline and Bonnie if they want to go out to Clearwater for lunch they both texted back they would be there in 10 minutes. So I quickly put my hair in a pony tail put a bit of makeup on and went straight to my car. Once I got there I got our favourite table near the window and waited for them. They got there not long after I got there about a minute or two after me. We all ordered a chocolate milkshake and meat pies we always ordered that. after lunch I asked "so should we hit the shops or watch movies for the rest of the day" Bonnie replied "we should hit the shops for 3 hours the watch movies for the rest of the day." Me and Caroline's both agreed. We paid for our meals and went to our favourite shop 'streaky surf & style' (yes it is a real shop). We all picked out matching necklaces and bracelets. Then we went off to find something to remind us of streaky. Then we went home be cause we had been in that shop for 3 hours. We all found an outfit. I found a black tight leather knee length skirt and white loose T-shirt with black 5 cm high heels boots that went with my necklace and bracelet. Caroline found a a pair of black leather leggings with a black and white t-shirt that has a strap around the neck and some blue 5 cm high heels. Bonnie found some pink skint jeans with a blue and purple t-shirt with purple 5 cm high heels. When we got back to Bonnie's place we watch 5 movies mean girls, mean girls 2, grown ups, grown ups 2 and hangover part one we are now watching hangover part two. We decided to watch the end of this movie the go to bed me and Caroline are also staying the night at Bonnie's.

Graduation day

We all woke up and got ready for graduation today we did our hair my hair was curled, Caroline's hair was straightened and Bonnie's hair was waved with some loose curls. The we did out makeup all natural like normal. By then it was 8:00 am so we put on our red coats and hats and hoped in my car. When we got to school we went to see the graduation set up it was awesome. Caroline said "I can't believe it we are going to graduate today and then later we are moving to londen" Bonnie had tears in her eyes. We couldn't wait then we where all called to line up for out certificates.Bonnie's dad was giving us our certificates. He called out our names on bye one then we would go up and receive them from him. He started calling out some of the other students names "Sophia grace,Bella Goodwin,Aden Brice,Max Jones,Elena Lovato 'me',Jackson Haden,Jack Humbelstone,Bonnie Benit,Cleo Bracson,Molly Pain,Caroline Forbes ..... So on.After we all waited for him to finish saying all the names once he finished. He said good luck to us all then we all chucked are hats up in the air. Skip the long presentation. After all that we decided to go get lunch before we went to the airport in a hour. We went to Clearwater for the last time till we came to visit. After we went for a walk around town the we got dropped of at the airport for our plane ride to Londen. I sat near the window Bonnie sat in the middle and Caroline sat on the end. I started listening to my music then I think I fell asleep.

Thank yay guys for waiting so long I had a lot of assignments I will try and update when I can I will update on the weekend thank you soo much ❤️mel

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