My Bad Boy

I always thought that good girls never fell in love with bad boys.... that's where I thought wrong.

(Read to find out what happens)


1. Bradford bad boy: Zayn Malik

"Jessica's P.O.V.


                                                                    *Beep! Beep! Beep!*

I woke up to my alarm going off. Ugh, another day of school. Luckily it's my last year. Oh maybe I should introduce myself. My name is Jessica Marie Varner. I'm 16, I have Brown curly hair and blue eyes. I know that rarely happens but it did. I'm 5`7 and weigh around 110. I live in a big mansion in the rich side of Bradford. I go West Coast High school. I competition cheerleading, and high school cheerleading. I'm a goody two shoes, I know. Back to reality. I get up an go over to my closet. I put my jogging shorts on. I grab a underarmor tank top, socks and sneakers. I brush my hair up into a high pony tail. I grab my iPhone and headphones then walk out side and start my morning run. I run to the gate and Jeffrey the gate operator lets me through.

"Have a good run, Jessy darling!" He yells smiling.

"I will Jeffy!" I say. I call him Jeffy because when I was born I couldn't say Jeffery just yet so I called him Jeffy and its stuck. He has been around since before I was born he is good friends with my parents. I jog around the meadow through the valley, and post all the farms. I then turn around an go back home. Once I get home I chug down a bottle of water, then head upstairs for my shower. I first grab my outfit which contains of my cheerleading outfit because I have cheer leading after school. I set it on the counter in my own bathroom. I turn the shower on making sure it's on hot. I take my hair out of its pony tail and brush it. I then jump in the shower.

        After my shower I put on my robe I brush my hair then blow dry it. I put my cheer uniform on while my straightener is heating up. I straighten my hair and put hair in a little bump then adding my cheer bow. I turn my straightener of and head downstairs to eat.

"Hey jess! I made breakfast!" My older brother Eric said.

"Thanks Eric!" I said sitting down and eating my bacon and eggs washed down with a glass of Orange juice. I run upstairs and grab my cheer bag an school bag. I quickly brush my teeth and put lipgloss on. I grab my phone and keys then run downstairs.

"Bye Eric!" I yell.

"Bye jess!" He yells back. I then get in my silver jeep and drive to school.


                                                                     *At school*

        I get out and grab my school bag. I get to the entrance and see my friend Alli, Nicole, Gage, and Alex. ( Alex is a guy). We walk to our lockers.

"Gage stop smacking him and Alex stop swearing. I hope you get in trouble for your mouth." I said closing my locker.

"Grrr. Some the tampon up farther!" Gage said. 

"I will!" I said. Nicole just looked at me and laughed. We all said bye and agreed to meet up at lunch. I walked to math with Mrs. Hartenbach. I sat down in my seat by the Windows. I just sat and talked with everyone until Mrs.Hartenbach started class. It was boring. Kat and I just passed notes saying that she had a crush on this guy in our class. But he is the school bad boy. I told her she would be better off with Zach the guy she is dating. When class ended she called me and this kid Zayn up to her desk. 

"Zayn, you haven't been going so well is this class so I picked Jessica to tutor you. Jess, I need you to make a schedule of the days you will tutor him and your gonna have to get together and help him. Your my top student Jessica. I'm counting on you." She said. We both nodded our heads. We then walked out of her classroom. Zayn winked at me then walked away. No way in hell am i tutoring him.

Please shoot me and get it over with.

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