The Darkest Night

"All things truly wicked start from innocence." Ernest Hemingway


12. Light

While Bruce went to take off his shirt, Aurora went into the bathroom to start the shower. The temperature it was set to the last time was less than freezing, which made her wonder why. She turned it up so the entire bathroom was engulfed in steam.

“Aurora...” Bruce began.

"Yeah?" she called back to him. The girl turned around to face him and found his eyes dark. Her breath caught a little and she just sort of...stared at him. Snap out of it, she scolded herself and blinked back from her reverie. "What is it?"

He sauntered toward her, the steam from the shower engulfing the two of them. He reached out for her, his fingers brushing lightly over her shoulder, making her shudder. With his other hand, he gently grasped her hip, slowly pulling them together until their bodies touched.

"Don't scold me for what's about to happen," he told her. He brought his head down, their foreheads touching. He closed his eyes and their lips met.

Every time he kissed her, she felt the same electricity coursing through her, causing every nerve to tingle with anticipation and desire. His grip on her tightened and lips parted against hers, and he tilted her back slightly, allowing him to deepen the kiss.

Her hand raised again in the same manner it did earlier, then gently rested on his face. More than anything, Aurora was confused. He was mercurial in every sense of the word. From dead to angry to calm to this.

“Bruce, I—”

"Would you care to join me?” he cut her off.

Well, the girl thought to herself, of course I do. But she hesitated. What was she doing? All of her fears just poured out on a platter for him and he was going to ask her into the shower with him? And the point was clearly not to shower. Instead of a shaky 'yes' or some other agreement, Aurora just nodded and stood there. The steam was all around them, sticking to her skin and clothes, while Bruce was already damp with sweat and dark red blood (which she didn't fancy seeing), so the condensation did little to him.

His fingers began to tug gently at the bottom of her shirt. Aurora was still unsure of herself and of her decision when his hands slipped under her shirt. Her entire body was rigid and cold. But he easily changed that.

He dropped her shirt to the floor and looked at her for a few seconds before his hands glided up her flat stomach, gently tickling her in a teasing way. She gasped at his touch and already felt her knees weakening. It was okay, though, because he easily had her scooped up with her legs wrapped around him, and sat her on the damp, cool, stone countertop. The steam made their skin slippery and soft.

Bruce shut the door behind them, then began kissing her again. His kiss was gentle and soft, like the way his hands explored her body. The heat of it matched the warm air around them. Made her melt against him.

He broke their kiss, and their eyes met. "I've wanted this for so long," he whispered to her.

"I have, too. I just don’t think I realized it until now." Aurora's lips twitched up to a small smile which disappeared immediately after their lips met again.

 Their kiss became more and more passionate. She felt his hands move to her back, then toy with the hooks of her bra, all while he gently tugged at her bottom lip with his teeth.

He unclasped her bra, and immediately her arms shot over her chest to keep it from falling. Despite her shyness, she let him ease them away with some hesitation. Their eyes met amongst the steam, and her black lace bra to fell to the tile floor of the bathroom. It gave her a small confidence boost when he kept his eyes on hers. Nowhere else.

They slowly entered into another kiss. His hands slowly moved up her body, slowly inching closer and closer to her breasts. Painfully slowly. Aurora stifled a moan, making it come out as a soft whimper. Her hands gripped the edge of the slippery counter tightly.

"Bruce..." she sighed, stopping to breathe for half a second.

The girl moved in to kiss him again, but he moved elsewhere. Her neck warmed with sensation as his lips pressed down on her, along with her chest and some deep, dark part of her stomach. Suddenly, their lips met again, clashing in pure desire. His hands massaged her chest softly.

She couldn’t think of anywhere she’d rather be. Except maybe one place.

"The shower's going to run cold, Bruce.”

He smirked. “Pushing things along are we?” He reached for her waistline and tucked his fingers into her pants, dragging them along her skin to the center.

"I'm not apt to take cold showers," she breathed, smiling just a little.

The steam around them made it hard to see his face and she took just a brief moment to worry about how hot the water would be, but the worry washed away at the brush of his fingertips under her waistband. Bruce removed all the material from her body, leaving her naked on the counter. There was no bit of awkward in the air, majorly because the steam left no room for it. He slowly took off his own pants and stepped out of them.

Aurora gasped, bit her lip as his hands ran up her legs. The steam made them slick and shiny, a mixture of sweat and condensation wrapping up her legs and the rest of her fair skin. He brought his lips to her ear and exhaled, "Ladies first,” slowly taking a step back and helping her off the counter.

Sliding down, she stepped toward the shower. The girl glanced over her shoulder at him upon stepping in. "Come on," she pulled him in with her, pushed her slowly curling hair back out of her face and kept their eyes locked.

At first, the water burned her skin, but Bruce joined her quickly and blocked it himself: she could feel his entire body begin to relax under the heat. Their tongues tangled in each others, exploring and asserting their dominance.

Aurora, of course, allowed him to win and inhaled deeply at the feeling of him crashing down even harder on her lips after a brief pause. With each second that the kiss continued, his hands lowered more. From her chest to her shoulders, down to her mid back, to her lower back, and then right where she wanted him to be.

He pulled away for unclear reasons and looked at her with a small smirk, but Aurora didn't want to stop kissing him—not yet. She moved slightly closer but he stopped her.

“Easy there, Aurora,” he told her, the smirk still present. She leaned toward him expectantly, only to be pressed against the icy tile. The girl gasped, pressing against the wall with her palms and taking deep breaths to distract herself from the cold. His lips met hers again, finally, their warmth against the front of her mixing with the ice cold tile behind her. “Are you sure this is what you want?”

His words made the cold of the tile fade. "I'm sure."



The two of them made their way out of the shower and into bed, both fully clothed in warm, comfortable pajamas. Bruce pulled the oversized comforter over both of them as Aurora cuddled into him, resting her head and forearm across his chest. His arm reached around her shoulder and held her tightly

The dim light in the room shut off when Bruce spoke out quietly, “Lights.”

His fingers ran gently through Aurora's beautiful golden hair. It was damp and soft as a result of the warm water that they had spent so much time under. The feeling made her eyes close and muscles relax even more than they already were.

“Thank you," he whispered. "You gave me a reason to come back."

“I love you, Bruce,” she whispered.

She could hear his small smile when he told her, “I love you, Aurora.”

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