The Darkest Night

"All things truly wicked start from innocence." Ernest Hemingway


20. Epilogue

Her face, dripping with cool water from the sink, hardened when she looked up at herself in the mirror. The dark brown color was setting into her hair and would only need a few more minutes before she rinsed it out. The girl wore black underwear and a black bra, nothing more. Her eyes were dark and cold, and her hands trembled as they did when she first arrived with Ra's. Now, however, they were perfectly still when she fought.

There was something on the news about Bruce Wayne and Aurora sauntered out to look at it. Something about his return from a vacation with a bunch of ballerinas or something.

Her jaw clenched and she flicked the TV off. She went back to the bathroom and rinsed her hair, trimmed the ends and dried it. She went to her bag and pulled out an all black costume. Ra's gave it to her as a gift. With a smile, she pulled it on and stretched her arms in it--it felt perfect.

She climbed out the window, up the fire escape to the roof of the building, where she crouched on the corner and looked down at Gotham. Red lights driving away, white lights coming closer, and light snow dusting the black rooftops.

Aurora stood, half of her feet hanging over the ledge, smiling and pulling her mask over her face. Her lungs filled with the cold air, her chest stuck forward, her arms stretched back, her eyes closed.

And she dove off.

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