Kate's life has always been complicated, but it's never been too complicated. What happens when Kate meets somebody new? Will her life become easier, or will the complications continue?


2. Chapter Two.

Stupidly, I found myself heading back to that house. The house I grew up in for most of my childhood.

I knocked on the door lightly, waiting for someone to answer. I heard footsteps coming from upstairs and I began to get slightly impatient.

The door opened and an unfamiliar figure stood in the doorway, smiling. He started laughing, obviously noticing that I was slightly confused.

"Are you ok?" He chuckled.

"Yes. I think. Is my mum here?" I raised my eyebrow.

He went to reply when I heard her familiar voice echoing throughout the house.

"Who is it?" She asked, making her way towards the front door.

She sighed as she saw me standing outside. "Kate."

Thoughts about this guy standing half naked in front of me started running through my head.

"Mum, please don't tell me he's your boyfriend?" I laughed, a little too sarcastic.

"Oh god no, he's Robbie's friend." My mum gasped, moving aside to let me walk in.

Robbie is my older brother. He's 26 years old and he's as immature as anybody could get.

"How the hell can Robbie get friends like that." I mumbled to myself, looking this guy up and down.

He noticed me staring and I quickly looked away, I turned back and he had a smirk on his lips, moving closer to me.

"I'm Max." He held his hand out for me to shake.

"Kate, Robbie's younger sister." I smiled.

"So you're the hot sister." He winked.

My eyes widened and I suddenly began to wonder who he'd heard that off.

"Well, you are anyway." He laughed.

I nodded my head, not knowing what to do. I looked towards the top of the stairs and saw Robbie running down them.

"Katelyn, hey kid." He chuckled.

"Robert." I glared.

"It's Robbie." He frowned.

"It's Kate." I laughed.

He shook his head, pulling me into his arms and practically squeezing me to death.

"I've missed you, how's your love life?" He smirked.

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