Kate's life has always been complicated, but it's never been too complicated. What happens when Kate meets somebody new? Will her life become easier, or will the complications continue?


16. Chapter Sixteen.

My eyes scanned the room, trying to figure out where I was. I spotted Robbie sat in the blue chair opposite me and I tried thinking about what had happened.

"Kate, are you ok?" Robbie asked.

"Lexi. Where's Lexi?" I panicked.

"She's with mum, it's ok. Calm down." He whispered, stroking my hand.

"What happened?" I questioned, my voice not as loud as I'd expected it to be.

"You were at home, stressing out because tom wouldn't answer your calls. You kept saying how you just needed to talk to him and then you grabbed my car keys and stormed out of the house." Robbie explained.

"Is the car ok? Robbie, I'm so sorry." I whispered.

"Never mind the car, my little sisters lay here in a hospital bed." He chuckled, trying to make a joke out of it.

I sighed, thinking back to why I was calling Tom. I looked at Robbie and saw a figure walking past the room I was in.

The door slowly opened, to reveal Max standing there with a bunch of flowers, smiling at me.

"I'll leave you two alone." Robbie smiled, patting Max on the back as he walked out of the room.

Max had now placed himself in the seat that Robbie was previously sat in.

"What happened?" He whispered, holding my hand in his.

"I crashed, that's what it seems like anyway. Robbie said I took his car keys and left." I shrugged.

"How are you coping?" He smiled slightly.

"I'll be alright, a few cuts and bruises but hey, I'm alive." I smiled.

He nodded his head, tightening his grip on my hand. I smiled at him, sighing.

"I thought you were meant to be in the studio?" I asked, deciding to change the subject.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Tom's POV;

"You have 11 missed calls from the same person, jesus. Tom I think you have a stalker." Farrah winked as I sat talking to the lads.

I grabbed my phone out of her hand to see that I'd had 11 missed calls from Kate, along with two text messages off her brother.

I unlocked my phone, deciding to check the messages first. Panic began to take over as I read over the text.

From; Robbie Furner

- Tom, I suggest you get your fucking arse to the hospital, Kate's been trying to get in touch with you and then stormed out with my car keys and she's now lay in a fucking hospital bed, so well done. Get here and apologise, now. -

My whole body went cold. I genuinely felt sick. The thought of her lay in a hospital bed made me shiver.

"I uh, guys. I need to go somewhere I'll be back soon ok? I'm sorry." I stuttered, looking at the lads.

"Do you want me to come?" Farrah asked.

"Stay here I won't be long." I told her, knowing it wouldn't be a good idea for her to turn up with me.

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