Kate's life has always been complicated, but it's never been too complicated. What happens when Kate meets somebody new? Will her life become easier, or will the complications continue?


11. Chapter Eleven.

"You had to yeah? What would happen if you didn't do that?" I smirked at Max.

"Well, my head would be all over the place." He winked.

I rolled my eyes at him, walking back into the living room at slouching down onto the sofa.

Max sat next to me, smiling at me. I smiled back as his arms wrapped around me, pulling my body closer to his.

"Robbie should be down soon." I told him.

"Okay." He nodded.

Within seconds, Lexi ran into the living room, screaming and laughing.

"Wow you're hyper this morning." I chuckled as she ran into my arms.

"Morning mummy." She grinned.

"Morning baby, how are you?" I smiled.

"Happy because grandad is coming to see me." She squealed.

"Did Robbie tell you?" I raised my eyebrow.

"Yes and I was just on the phone to grandad and he said that he'll be here soon and he loves me lots. When are we going home? I miss tomtom." She pouted.

I have never felt so guilty in my life. Tom was Lexi's world. She loved him so much and now just because he doesn't want to be in a relationship with me, she's being punished for it as well.

"I don't know Lex.." I whispered, stroking her head.

She sighed, nodding her head and burying her head into my neck, breathing quietly.

"Come on." I stood up, Lexi in my arms as I made my way into the kitchen, grabbing my phone out of my pocket and dialling his number.

It rang for a while, until he eventually answered.

"Kate, I can't talk at the minute, I'm uh, busy." He stuttered, chuckling slightly.

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