Kate's life has always been complicated, but it's never been too complicated. What happens when Kate meets somebody new? Will her life become easier, or will the complications continue?


8. Chapter Eight.

I made my way into the living room, carrying Lexi in my arms. I watched as confusion began to show on Max's face.

"Mummy, who's this?" Lexi questioned.

"Mummy?" Max gasped.

I nodded my head, smiling at him, and then facing Lexi again.

"He's uncle Robbie's friend, baby." I told her.

She nodded her head, wriggling out of my arms. I bent down, putting her on the floor and she walked towards Max.

"Hello, I'm Lexi." She grinned.

"Aren't you a little cutie. I'm Max." He smiled, pulling her into a hug.

"Where's nanny and Robbie?" Lex asked, turning back to face me.

"Nanny's working and Robbie's out." I smiled.

She nodded her head, sighing and sitting on the sofa next to Max, smiling at him.

Considering she's only 4 years old, she acts like an old woman sometimes. The way she sighs when something isn't how she wants it.

"Why aren't we at Tom's?" She asked.

"Because we're here." I replied.

"Yes but why can't we stay at Tom's? I missed him whilst I was at daddy's." She pouted.

"Well I missed you whilst you were at your daddy's." I pouted, copying her.

A giggle escaped her lips, making a smile form on mine.

"You're adorable." Max laughed, smiling at her.

"Thank you, you smell." She attempted to wink.

The next minute she was on my knee, her arms wrapped around my neck, hugging me.

"I love you, mummy." She whispered into my right ear.

"I love you, Lex." I mumbled, planting a kiss on her head.

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