Will Masie's past life creep into her future and how will it effect her family?


2. Today

Maisie walked into her new school and her new life. Leaving her old life in Ireland to come to Coventry was hard but a necessary move for her family to take. On first appearance, the school, with it's balustrade windows, balconies and walkway and the tall sandstone walls it looked like something from a fantasy land. The windows on the ground floor corridor were large and arced and further up it was obvious that the boarders got their fair shares of views. The walls went on for miles and many other parts of the school weren't visible from the front. Maisie was apprehensive that the school would be full of chavs and snobs because the school was free unless boarding and after school clubs were your thing.    

She was quickly hassled through the bustling hallways to the office to receive her diary and badge. Her diary consisted of pages of drivel on the school policies and uniform and a large 'week a page' diary section, one part for homework and the other for after school and boarding activities. She was given a timetable as slid it somewhere into her diary without bothering to study it, why would she when she knew that it wouldn't matter which classes she was in. Maisie proceeded to write her name onto her purple dairy and pin her badge saying "Covent High" onto her purple V-neck sweater. She hated the uniform with a passion already and she'd only had it on for an hour. It consisted of a white, long sleeve shirt, a black skirt, a purple V-neck sweater and an awful purple, black and white tie. Maisie had also hidden a thin chain with a pendant on it under her shirt. It had been her mothers before the accident.

Maisie followed her assigned ambassador to her form room. The ambassador had long blonde hair and was thin, painfully so. She wore a black V-neck rather than the purple and otherwise abided the schools boring policies. When she walked into her new form class everybody turned their heads like owls searching for prey. "Come and have a seat next to Megan, Maisie," the teacher said and as instructed Maisie sat down in her assigned seat. She was surprised to find that Megan had somewhat adapted her school uniform. Instead of shoes Megan had large Doc. Martens on. Around her wrist were many large rubber bracelets, brightly stating names of bands. Finally instead of the compulsory "one metal stud" Megan had three sets of piercings in each earlobe and one earring had a chain on it which connected to an ear cuff at the top of her ear along with a nose and tregus piercing. Maisie didn't want to judge too quickly because she hadn't said a word to Megan but her gut instinct new that she was going to be trouble.  

First lesson was maths with Mrs Longstaff. Maisie walked in with her head held low and was directed to her seat. Once again it was Megan who she was sitting next to; Maisie was also surprised to find that Megan was in top set. In the seat adjacent from Maisie sat a small boy with dark hair and piggy eyes. It was obvious he was young and immature for a year 10. Tables were set out in rows which pleased her because it brought a sense of home to her because that was how her old classrooms were set up. As the teacher talked about Quadratic equations,which Maisie had already covered, Megan sat doodling on her book, which slightly distracted Maisie but not enough to be a problem.However, by studying what Megan was doodling, Maisie notice some unusual scarring on Megan's forearms. She decided to concentrate on Mrs Longstaff instead. The one infuriating thing Maisie found was that nobody wanted to put their hand up so the lesson didn't flow at all (something Maisie hated) so she ended up participating in the lesson much more than first intended. At last the bell went and Maisie found her way to P.E.

The changing rooms were living hell! There were girls all over the place and they were pushing and shoving. Maisie was the baby bison in the lion attack. Eventually she found a place in the back near the showers and got changed as quick as physically possible. This was for two reasons: 1. she wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible, and, 2. it was Athletics. As Maisie walked out onto the field, Mr Young gave the instruction to do one practice lap and then line up in groups of 5. Coming out of the practice lap, a group of three girls and one boy came and said "Hey, new meat! Come and race with us cause we bet that you can't run faster than Aaron or Jess." Just by looking at the fake tan and make up you can scratch off with your nails, Maisie new that these people were chavs and not to be messed with. Aaron was tall and broad with short, brown hair and an athletic build. The two other girls were thin and lanky apart from one who was chunky to be fair. They were the Chav gang, force to be reasoned with and would beat anyone down that tried to harass or outsmart them (which wasn't difficult). Seeing as she had no friends, Maisie accepted the challenge. They lined up ready for the whistle, it was the 400 meters, Maisie's best race. The looked like the race was a life or death matter if they're stance was anything to go by. The whistle went and they all set off as fast as a "bat out of hell". One by one she went passed, the two nameless girls, Jess and then she was even with Aaron. They were about halfway round and Maisie increased her speed, which was foolish because the hill hit her legs like a ton of bricks. Thankfully however she pushed through and picked up momentum coming down the hill. She crossed the line and Mr Young beamed at her, the rest of the class were silent. This was because she'd just beaten Aaron's school record! Once the nameless girls had crossed the line, they both took a hold of Maisie's arms and lifted her up in rage. Suddenly one of the girls tripped over a pebble and Maisie flew in the air and landed in her arm. the pain was immense but crying wouldn't help her situation. The two nameless girls and Aaron gave her the evils and Maisie tried not to think about how her, as "New Meat" might just have her life made hell by a group of numb-skulls.. Just then a rumble of thunder shook the ground and they were all ordered inside. 


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