Will Masie's past life creep into her future and how will it effect her family?


1. 20 years ago

Janet could hear her heartbeat surrounding her and enclosing her in. Her breath came in short, sharp gasps as she ran. Sharp thorns and twigs caught against her ivory dress and her bare feet were suddenly attacked by pieces of wood that lay in wait on the track in front of her. Though faced with many obstacles, she ran. 

Behind her the silhouette of a man was cast along the moon lit ground. He started to chase her through the woods. Scurrying silently and hiding behind each appropriate tree, invisible in the night.

Janet stopped, her dress torn and her feet bleeding; tears rolling down her face and dropping onto her chest like hail stones. There was something shiny on the ground in front of her, only visible by the light of the moon. She bent down to pick it up and it was a necklace with a crescent moon shrouded in clouds attached onto the thin chain. She looked up to the sky and saw that the moon and the clouds looked almost identical to the charm on necklace she was holding, surely it was coincidence. Suddenly a flash of silver and the sudden pain in her cheek brought her out of her daydream. The warm blood contrasted the temperature of her cold, white cheeks. She screamed and then fainted.

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