Why Do You Love Naruto

Just fluff about why everyone loves Naruto... if you couldn't tell from the name


1. LOVE!!!

What do you love about naruto?

(Sasuke) "The baka's always try's to make everyone happy."

(Kakashi) "He will always do his best and never abandon a comrade.'

(Sakura) "That loudmouth will keep his promises, for better or for worst."

(Kiba) "He's loud and speaks his mind."

(Shikamaru) "He's a puzzle, always happy but with a bad life. It's so troublesome."

(Hinata) "He helped me gain confidence when I ran out."

(Shino) "He helps out everyone."

(Ino) "He won't ever stop fighting."

(Choji) "Naruto doesn't make fun of people in a bad way."

(Neji) "He saved me from myself."

(Lee) "He is the reason I am a ninja"

(Tenten) "The guys powerful, and still improving."

(Konohamaru) "He taught me how to truly advance and that there are no shortcuts."

(Haku) "He protects his precious people."

(Zabuza) "He made me understand how precious a life is."

(Inari) "He thought me to stand up for what I believe in and how to smile again."

(Gai) "The boy is full of youthfulness!"

(Asuma) "The kids nice, he knows who the king is."

(Kurrani) "He helped out the village in more ways then anyone will ever know."

(Tsaunade) "brats got what it takes to lead everyone, and they'll follow willingly."

(Jariya) "kids got spunk, he changes lives for the better."

(Orochimaru) "nothing. I hate the kid."

(Sarutobi) "he's like a grandson to me, brightening my life."

(Gaara) "he gave me a better purpose."

(Temmari) "he saved my brother."

(Kankoro) "he's out there saving the world and everyone in it."

(Killer Bee) "the dude can rap, he doesn't slack! Oh! Gotta go write that down..."

(Itachi) "he has saved my brother and my village."

(Nagato) "he has given me another way to get rid of fighting."

(Gamakichi) "the kids got guts, I'll give him that."

(Kurama(Kyuubi)) "the brat took in my darkness and turned it into light."

(Everyone(save Orochimaru)) "Naruto's Naruto. Who couldn't love him?"

(Orochimaru) "me."

(Naruto walked in.

(Naruto) "awwww... Thanks guys! I love you all too!"

Gaara, Sasuke, Shikamaru, and Neji jump on him. Some seem to love him more then others, or just in a different way...

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